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  1. I didn’t ask on MSC. I think hers was really a one off which has turned her view. We hang out mostly, it’s complicated by that I moved to Canada 8 years ago and see her less. I’d prob want to see most I can of ports with her- places I couldn’t get to on previous trips with my husband and kids. My husband was hurt on our first sailing -dislocated shoulder- and we stayed on ship most our second. I share the want for ports_ but I also like to be entertained. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Thanks everyone so far. I know they are miles apart. :( I prefer something like symphony for time on ship but do want ports and my cousin is a port is reason she cruises person. I feel very in between. One will be less for one of us. Thanks again. It has helped. I think msc while I want to sail her, is better for a family trip. It’s empress or symphony now. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Im planning a cruise with my cousin just the two of us. I need a trip that’s away without my family, this will be my first in my entire life. We had arrived at the empress, cost and time were factors. While waiting to get approved the time off I ran across MSC seaside having a sailing the same time. I’ve only been on NCL getaway and breakaway. We aren’t getting a drink pkg but I plan to drink more than my cousin so prices are less on msc. I like shoes and she’s indifferent. Didn’t do one on her last cruise. I have some room, I am paying most the cruise price, to maybe upgrade to symphony. It
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