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  1. Thank you for the information. We did a repositioning cruise Sept. 2012 and it was the most relaxing cruise I have ever taken, and we were hoping to do this cruise again. Oh well we will concentrate on the USA next year.
  2. I haven't been able to find a Pacific Wine cruise down the coast on Celebrity for 2014. Where are the Alaska ships repositioning after Alaska 2014?
  3. Thank you for your thoughts. I'm not a shopper either and enjoy scenic views, history and art. Hmm What to do? Any more suggestions?
  4. My husband and I are on a land tour and have a free time after our tour of Naples. We want to know if we should visit Capri or Amalfi Coast . Not enough time to do both and we are not going inside the Blue Grotto.
  5. Went looking for my Celebrity pin and found the Princess Club pin instead saying we were Elite. HAHAHA
  6. We recently returned from a cruise on Infinity 15 nights. The food in the MDR was ok but nothing like we had on Millenium in September. The September cruise was a wine cruise, so maybe the kitchen served a better quality of food , no complaints. We did enjoy the Aqua Spa lunch almost every day and the outside grill and the grill in the evening in the Oceanview Cafe. I am curious about the new menus. Didn't they change menus not long ago? Maybe too many complaints about quality of food?
  7. Yes we paid for Captains Club 2000. First cruise on Celebrity on Mercury through the Panama Canal, wonderful cruise and great food.
  8. Oh dear. We enjoyed the Aqua Spa Cafe for lunch almost every day on our recent cruise on Infinity.
  9. We were on the same cruise as RedTravel. We were delayed because of Noro virus on Infinity. Infinity was sanitized while we waited in the terminal building. At the terminal building we were seated according to stateroom categories and water and small packages of chips, cookies, pretzels were offered. Once embarkation began we were called by stateroom categories,suites, aqua class, etc. down the line in an orderly manner. I thanked the terminal helpers for their organization which I thought was handled well. Once on board we could not go to our rooms until much later because they were still sanitizing. Very crowded Oceanview cafe but that was expected. We finally left the port around 6:00 instead of 4:30. If there is no virus you should have no problems. Enjoy your cruise, we did!
  10. I called Celebrity and agent said no we can't drop off bags early because all crew members will sanitize the ship. 2:00 is the earliest.
  11. I wish we could drop off our bags but Celebrity is saying no, can't do until 2:00 pm. Unless somebody heard something else.
  12. Our group of cruisers is landing in FLL at 9:30 am MOnday morning and we can't board Infinity until 2:00 pm (sanitizing ship). My brother recommends that we store our luggage at the airport and take a taxi to the boat landing and cruise the water ways of Ft. Lauderdale. After cruise go back to airport and collect luggage and go to ship. Do you think the boat will let us take our luggage with us or just leave it at airport? Does this sound doable?
  13. We have the same problem. Our flight gets in at 9:30 am and looking for a place to stay until late boarding. I thought that we could drop off our luggage but I guess not. Another suggestion from aCC member is to go to a hotel for breakfast. I wonder if they have day rooms available for cruisers.
  14. Thank you for all your responses. Yes, Panama Canal, Infinity ,April 1.
  15. We are taking a red eye flight out of San Diego on Sunday,and arriving at Ft. Lauderdale at 9:30 am. Celebrity sent an e-mail today saying we can't board Infinity until 3:00 pm because of Noro virus and sanitizing the ship. We would like to have breakfast at the airport, if there is a good place to eat, or close to the cruise terminal. Thank you.
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