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  1. I'm definately bringing a refillable bottle for myself. The bottled water is for my husband who has a heart condition and can't have much sodium. I've heard that the onboard water may have a higher sodium content as it's made from sea water and it's not a risk I want to take. I will look in to the shuttle, thanks!
  2. We will have a private driver from the airport in Rome to the port. I'm wondering is it possible to get dropped off at the ship with our bags then go back in to the town for some pizza and gelato and to hit up the grocery store for some water and wine(going RCL so allowed to bring some in carry on)?
  3. I wonder how long the navigator dry dock was? A similar upgrade and after cancelling a cruise because that one ran over I hope they booked off long enough for this! When I booked my June 2020 cruise over the holidays May 28, 2020 was the only May cruise scheduled. Now there are 2-3 more.
  4. Hopefully this truly is weather related and not the start of an "amped" trend... https://www.*****.com/2019/02/13/navigator-of-the-seas-first-sailing-cancelled-due-upgrade-delays
  5. Are the slides being added for sure? I'm hoping to benefit from the fun without the increase in kids...not that kids aren't great, but I'm leaving mine at home!
  6. It seems I've booked Explorer for her second cruise after her 2020 dry dock. My online searching has informed me that she is part of the Amplified program but not details of what this will mean for Explorer in particular. I figured I would start this thread to post updates of what will be done to this ship as they become available. I'm curious to know if they will be redoing the staterooms and what restaurants will be on board. I'll post any interesting links I find and hope others will do the same. Counting the days to June 2020!
  7. I am anxiously awaiting the Europe 2020 release date. Does anyone know when the sailing dates/ships have become available for booking in the past? Thanks!
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