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  1. Transparency. We were on the Horizon July 10 cruise and they shut down the shops the last day. Never said that an employee was sick. We found out from another crew member.
  2. I was on Horizon July 10 and they had the thick smoothie size paper straws. They are good if you get them from an inside bar, the outside ones are limp because of the humidity.
  3. From what DON said ( Dons Family Vacations on youtube, he was onboard) they people boarding today only had notice from last night.
  4. Considering the heat outside, They'll have a bunch of people with heat related illness if they wouldn't let them in.
  5. Someone on the other thread ( Nightmare FLL thread #99) is there and port personnel said they have abandoned testing at the port!
  6. You can always go here and see the changes on the ships as it goes along. It is updated daily. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html
  7. Here is someone that was onboard Dons Family Vacations on youtube ( 7 total positive)
  8. We have a cruise on Mardi Gras in Nov. I am seriously considering cancelling also. We were on the Horizon July 10 and we had to wait outside for a while, but it did move quickly. Being the positive covid cases on Celebrity Edge, and Royal, this is likely why this was immediately implemented. I hope this doesn't happen every time. Debarking was a breeze, but embarkation is a nightmare now.
  9. Glad they were giving out water. I was on the Horizon July 10 and many people were waiting outside to board and it was hot. I can't imagine waiting this long outdoors ( and I am a Floridian). The Mardi Gras will have 4200 passengers, I hope that one goes better.
  10. Wasn't it because of the 6 covid positives on Royal and then the 7 on the Edge?
  11. The CDC posted on their own website a PCR test lab alert. As of Dec 31, there needs to be new testing to differentiate between flu and Covid19. The FDA has class I recalls ( most serious of recalls) some rapid PCR testing. Why would they still use these? So vaccines are useless and testing is useless. At this point it is hard to trust anything they tell us to do. I am going to cancel all of the rest of my cruises until this is over. Mask mandate and lock downs within 2 weeks. A birdie told me this. https://www.cdc.gov/csels/dls/locs/2021/07-21-2021-lab-alert-Changes_CDC_RT-PCR_SARS-CoV-2_Testing_1.html
  12. Oh We had issues with our luggage too! We were platinum! We only had one checked luggage and it was taking forever for it to come off. You could not even let one person wait for it on the conveyor belt and the other person wait behind as TSA were yelling to move on or get behind the line. I hate sailing out of Miami because of the luggage system!
  13. Yes I am cancelling my cruise if Masks are required too.
  14. Bonaire was cancelled for us July 10th. I don't think they will be open by then. We went to Curacao. I recommend Mambo Beach in Curacao
  15. I can tell you why they would love to fix it. I went on the Horizon cruise on July 10 and I felt like I was the youngest at 45 yrs old on it. No families, no younger people. If they want to keep it like a Princess or Holland America type cruise, then yes, they will keep it like this. It was far from a family cruise vacation at all.
  16. Sorry, but it is the choice and decision of the parent and NOT a stranger on the web. My 3 teens are not vax either and my mother ( 78yrs old) had covid and none of us got it.... WEIRD.
  17. Everything is about the same on this ship as pre-covid. You will be shocked! The buffet seemed lacking though.
  18. I was on this ship and just got home today. There was a crew member working in the gift shops that was ill. They closed the shops for the last day because of it. Word has it from others on the ship guest services told them the crew member tested negative, but they kept things closed just in case. We had a great cruise, no problems.
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