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  1. They still have DODs, you just don't have to pay extra for the hurricane glass anymore. Since they are under $10 you can get them on the program.
  2. Is it a change or has it always been there? When we did the Imagination in 2004 we didn't muster at the lifeboats.
  3. Ignorance <> sarcasm. The member came here looking for info not lame humour.
  4. Best suggestion for Nassau is don't, counterfeits everywhere. There is no LCDH in Nassau. A couple of the high end resorts have cigar shops with the real thing but they are very expensive.
  5. I don't smoke. I'm just not an idiot about it. Like lying about smoking policies.
  6. Just a no smoking whiner making a jackazz of themselves, no worries.
  7. [quote name='kyo413']Sorry, I should have phrased the YTD question differently. I am well aware that I can't mix and match within a sailing. What I was asking, was for opinions, giving the ages of my kids, but the fact that we prefer set dining times (late, to be specific, but that's when it is just adults). So, I was wondering what others would do in my situation- do ALL YTD, ALL early, ALL late, or a combo (as in Early one sailing, late the next. Or YTD one sailing, a dining time the next. Etc)[/QUOTE] I'd book YTD for both. If you find it isn't working out on the first leg you could talk to the Maitre d' and have it switched for the second. I say book YTD because it is the hardest to get.
  8. Yes it is a spa cabin, you can see the yellow spa towels in this pic and the slippers on the bed in the other.
  9. The secret deck was our balcony, pity we couldn't enjoy if for long and there are no chairs or loungers out there. There are 2 windows BTW and no couch. Here is a different angle.
  10. You have to go to the excursion desk. Even separated the beds would be side by side but they do go together.
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