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  1. Ok thanks. Still learning names on RCCL like solarium lol. Is there a bunch of shops for shopping on board?
  2. Thanks & thx for the pics. First thing I noticed when my cousin told me which ship was that it was smaller and older, but that's ok. SHips I've sailed are in my signature, Mostly the Liberty when it's at my homeport of Canaveral ( I'm 25 mins away) lol
  3. been on 9 carnival cruises, but have our first Royal cruise booked for Feb. because my cousin was already booked. What differences is there? any tips/tricks I should know. Anything specifically about Rhapsody? Must eat foods? I'm seeing yes and no about freestyle machines on the Rhapsody, anyone recently off that can tell me for sure. Room service, I see there's a charge of $7.95, so if I just have morning coffee delivered it's $7.95? Looking forward to our first one with Royal. Thanks
  4. Grills or fishlips would be close depending on which dock it leaves from
  5. What do you mean by same level? you mean like how many devices? sorry not familiar with Royals internet.. thank you
  6. Hey y'all, We're booked on our first RCCL on the Rhapsody, but not new to cruising. I'm confused on the website, I'm looking at internet and soda pkg. For soda pkg it's 9.99 day, for Voom surf & stream 1 device it's 11.99 per day. So for both it's $21.98 per day. However, under the beverage/dining tab, it has a combined pkg of internet (1 device) and soda pkg combo and it says $24. per day? That's more than getting them separate, figured since it was a combo it might be less, am I missing something? I also don't see a whole lot of posts for the Rhapsody, is it not a good ship? we booked it cuz my cousins asked us to go with them and they were already booked lol. If you have cruised Carnival and RCCL any tips or big differences you want to post would be appreciated, Thank you
  7. so it was $120.00 Per person? or you mean $120. total for all 9 ppl. thanks
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