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  1. It will be just fine. We didn’t have one issues with our deluxe drink package.
  2. We sailed Nov 24 - Dec 1st and MSC was amazing! We received everything as promised and didn't have one issue with our deluxe drink package. We had a min bar stocked with mostly what we wanted. One thing I didn't like was we had to call room service to get diet pop and they didn't have Malibu for the mini bar. Didn't bother me too much just thought it was weird. The staff were great and let me order two drinks at a time even if my hubby wasn't with me. The gelato was amazing and I would just love to have it right now!! oh and the chocolate bar...yummy!!! The shows were absolutely amazing and just when I thought it couldn't get better it did. I really loved the welcome back party and should have recorded it as it was something I've never experience on a cruise ship. The food was amazing and there were so many options available. We will cruise MSC again.
  3. Sailed Nov 24 - Dec 1st and MSC was amazing! We had the deluxe drink package and weren't once told we couldn't get something. The staff on the ship was amazing and would let me order two drinks at a time even if my hubby wasn't there. The gelato was amazing!!
  4. Will do. Was looking forward to it, so I hope we do get it.
  5. We sail Saturday too and I’m not sure what will happen either. We have the deluxe. I want the mini bar and was promised I would still get it.
  6. The mini bar was a big part of why we decided to upgrade to deluxe. We set sail on Saturday so will post what happened. Hope its all good!
  7. Good luck! We cruise next Saturday and bought the deluxe on Nov 7th.
  8. Thanks!! I’ll try this one as I emailed off the website Monday morning.
  9. How long did it take for you to get a response from the MSC USA people?
  10. No need to be rude! I am apart of another thread and just trying to get my ducks in a row. As someone said on here ...it doesn't matter if your part of YC or not for the drink package.
  11. Yes we purchased last Monday and set sail nov 24. I will post what happens for sure!!
  12. The premium plus isn’t offered on mine either for next week out of Miami.
  13. Threats good. Now if the USA MSC people would get their ducks in a row and send me an email to confirm as well I’ll fell much better lol.
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