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  1. Hi everyone. I'm Mike retired single traveller from Toronto, Canada. I wonder is anyone else is going to be cruising on Radiance of the Seas - September 10th Vancouver to Hawaii or the following cruise September 20th Hawaii to Sydney, Australia. This will be my third cruise to Sydney from Vancouver - can't wait. I am Diamond Plus on RCL having done over 30 cruises with RCL and many with Celebrity. I actually prefer RCL.
  2. Hi there. Just wondered is there are any GBLT people on board this cruise or the previous cruise Vancouver to Hawaii.
  3. Hello, anyone on either Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas September 10th Vancouver Hawaii or September 20th Hawaii to Sydney?
  4. hehe Sorry its a long story. The simple answer is that I am on the Radiance on September 10th Vancouver to Hawaii, then I take the cruise from Hawaii to Sydney on the 20th... I originally booked the Ovation and sailed on the ship recently. I decided I preferred a small ship and there are a number of things that I like about the Radiance Class so I switched. Hence the mix up on the sailing date.
  5. Hi everyone. I am a single gay man traveling alone on the above cruise and doing a B2B also on the cruise from Hawaii to Sydney Australia. I would love to hear from any other GBLT on the same cruise (s)...
  6. Any other GBLT member on this cruise or the following cruise from Hawaii to Sydney. Im Mike from Toronto Canada traveling alone on both these cruises. Love to hear from others.
  7. Welcome to the Cruise. There are probably quite a few LBGT members on the cruise even though not many on Cruise Critic. Transatlantic are popular. Im Diamond Plus and look forward ro saying hi in the lounge in the evening. Check out the notice board lets hope the meeting is shown and in a place thats suitable and at a suitable time. They often post a meeting which falls during a time when either early or late dining can't make it - we can change that lol
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