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  1. tess2cruz

    Thoughts on our recent Sunshine cruise

    I'm on the next sailing of the Sunshine, March 30! Now that I know what the next itinerary is I am not going to get off her! Lol. Been on her twice before when she was the Destiny, loved her then, except the copper walls, which I hear are still there. Thanks for the good review.
  2. [quote name='LittleMiss']Oh Contrair Mr. Pete. I take a Carnival Cruise once a year and the Captains reception and past guest reception have free drinks. Or at least they did last year. And another thing I found out is that you don't necessarily have to get the drinks from the ladies walking around with the free cocktails, if you go to the bar during those times, you can have your drink made to order and even that one is free.[/quote] Mr Pete is right, free drinks at Captains reception was stopped a few years ago, but you get a $1 off or something like that. The free drinks was switched to the farewell party on the last sea day. Been like that my last few cruises.
  3. [quote name='ILoveTheConquest']Oh well!! Are you in TX?[/quote] Yes, still in TX. give me 4:12 please
  4. [quote name='Cindy'][SIZE=3]Hi Teri! Long time no see. :( I hope school's going well![/SIZE][/quote] Hi Cindy! School is rough, took too many credits I think, LOL. Anatomy test in the morning, so trying to study. :eek:
  5. [quote name='ILoveTheConquest']Hey Tess how are you long time here? What you next cruise? On the Liberty?[/quote] Hi Taylor, no cruises for me for a long long time, I am going to school now.
  6. This is the first time this week I am glad I am not on the cruise, hate this part, coming home!!!:(
  7. Welcome home Crazies! Can't wait to read the reviews and see pictures.
  8. [quote name='billsrobb'][SIZE=4]Good going.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Any chance of you coming to Galveston the Saturday night before we sail. [/SIZE][/QUOTE] Very good chance!
  9. [quote name='billsrobb'][SIZE=4][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]I am sure that you aced the test!![/SIZE][/QUOTE] I did! ;(
  10. [quote name='billsrobb'][SIZE=4][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Wish you were going to Teri.. Miss you not posting here. How are you doing?[/SIZE][/QUOTE] I am good, just very busy with school. Matter of fact, I need top be studying right now for a quiz I am taking in an hour!
  11. Morning Crazies! I am feeling your excitement! :) wish I was going :(.
  12. [SIZE=3][I]Good morning Crazies, Got all registered for school yesterday. You may see even less of me here after August 29th!!!:eek:[/I][/SIZE]
  13. [quote name='CruizinAway'][SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I will admit that I will sometimes try things that I would normally not eat while on a cruise. But that is just because if I don't like it, I can get something else without paying an arm and a leg for it..............that said...................there are some things that will never cross my lips, EVER..................and frog's legs is one of them!! That's just gross!:eek:[/FONT][/SIZE][/quote] [SIZE=3][I]I have eaten frog legs, kinda of tastes like chicken, just not as good. Rather have a big fat chicken leg!!:D[/I][/SIZE]
  14. [SIZE=3][I]AC is not working!!!:eek: Can't call maintenance till morning:([/I][/SIZE]
  15. [quote name='Cruise Cat'][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=darkred]Didn't know he was in town. Hope he is doing well![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [/quote] [SIZE=3][I]Hi chuck, Trey has been living here since Feb. But he is going home in a month or two. He is working at AMC theatre, so we get to go to the movies free! We saw The Help today, VERY good movie, laughed and cried. [/I][/SIZE]