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  1. I want to thank Cheryl Molesky for her video of the careful disembarkation (Post #1973 on this thread). Hard to tell but it seemed as if the disembarkation was very quiet, carefully organized, and of course it was dark out. I was rendered speechless, when a short time later I was reading the Westerdam Corona virus thread on the HAL forum and saw a photograph of Westerdam passengers gaily touring Phnom Penh after their disembarkation (Post #1114) What a contrast.
  2. We had problems yesterday (we use Chrome). DH is the main traveler; I am the secondary. They got my Latitudes status very wrong (said I was a new guest). We had to call. They fixed it, but then all other information about me was gone. DH re-entered everything. Then he had to go back to something to fix it, and all my information disappeared again. We finally got it done.
  3. My DH was in Barcelona Oct 16 through Oct 21. The tourist areas were fine. On Friday there was a general strike, so he couldn't ride the subway or visit most of the museums. But everything opened up again on Saturday. His hotel was near a police station, so he heard loud demonstrations there. But there was no threat to tourists at all.
  4. When we go to dinner at peak times, we tell the hostess that we are very willing to share. They are usually grateful because the MDR is so crowded. However, I have noticed that in recent years, nobody else shows up to share with us, and we end up eating by ourselves. I can't believe that "no sharing" is a policy, but clearly there are fewer and fewer people who are asking for it, so it's not working so well anymore.
  5. I was able to sign up for the Pilots' Choice when I was on the Jewel in May of this year. However, the flight was cancelled because of weather. I wonder if a combination of weather and low signups caused them to abandon the option.
  6. I took the Norwegian Jewel Alaska cruise a few weeks ago. NCL is now posting signs on all the buffet tables, asking people to avoid hanging out in the buffet, so that other people can find tables. They also open up La Cucina across the hall for buffet overflow. I could always find a table, even during the lunch rush, especially towards the aft end. Although having a balcony is wonderful, I think there are plenty of public spaces for glacier viewing. I never go to the bow,, because it's so crowded. Even though we had a balcony, I preferred to use the Promenade deck for Glacier viewing. That way I could run back and forth between port and starboard, depending on what's on view. And it's never crowded. I love the Norwegian Jewel. It's a wonderful ship, and not too crowded.
  7. I was also on the cruise that went to Haines instead of Skagway. We were up when the ship changed direction and went back to Haines. My husband later had a chance to talk to the Captain. It is true that there was no spill, but there was a fuel barge next to our dock that was still off-loading jet fuel when we were due to dock. Neither the pilot nor the Captain thought it would be safe to go into the dock. The pilot told the Captain that he was unwilling to bring the ship in under the circumstances. The Captain immediately got on the phone and got the berth in Haines. He also checked it out with the NCL head office. Some passengers still got their tours, but other people were out of luck. We had a lot of first-time Alaska cruisers on board and they were understandably disappointed to miss their tours. This was our 4th Alaska cruise, however, so we were happy to see Haines instead. It was a small simple town, beautifully situated. The people there were very welcoming.
  8. You pose an interesting question and I don't know the answer. I have certainly gotten mad at NCL, especially when they cancel cruises; yet I still prefer to cruise with them. I think it's because I took 15 cruises to reach Platinum status before I ever tried another cruise line, and NCL began to feel like home. When we tried RCCL, I really didn't like it; it seemed snooty, and I felt that servers were always chasing after me for an end-of-cruise tip. Perhaps if I had started with RCCL and taken 15 cruises with them, I would have wanted to stick with them. I don't like what I read about Carnival and MSC, and most of the other cruise lines are too expensive. We might try Princess some time. I just like NCL in spite of the flaws, and unless other factors intervene (e.g. cancellations), I just want to go back to them.
  9. The lower deck is good for walking although it doesn't go all the way around the ship and most of the view is partially obstructed by lifeboats. I don't think you can smoke out there. I have thought that perhaps this deck is not designed for passenger use, but there's no problem with your using it unless the crew are working out there on a lifeboat or whatever. It's usually deserted, if you want a quiet walk. Also, you can get a little further forward than you can on the Waterfront, which has sometimes been useful for watching things.
  10. I use Chrome. I have used the "Sort by" feature but it doesn't seem to work. All I want is to have the threads that were updated most recently sort to the top. I've picked that option using the "Sort by" feature, but it still doesn't work. I'm ready to give up the forum for a while until this is fixed.
  11. The buffet has nice soft stewed prunes (which come with a lot of liquid you can drink). No separate prune juice.
  12. Yes, they take it. And don't worry. They return it to you the day before disembarkation, and that process is VERY organized and orderly. I was anxious about it before my South American cruise, but I saw that it really wasn't something to be anxious about.
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