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  1. Hello All, I am sailing on my first NCL cruise in a few days. If while on board, I purchase two future cruise credits, but then do not choose to use them, do I receive a refund? In other words: $500 in future cruise credits -$250 OBC credit for current sailing =$250 True Credit = the refund I would get if I cancel On other lines, if I don't use the credits in a certain time frame, they just get refunded. Is this how NCL works? Thanks for all replies!
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. We have tickets for the Pisa Tower climb at 9:45, and then we want to go to a couple of wineries. I already have the winery names and phone contact. If we get off the ship and it works out, all I have to do is call the wineries for appointments. If we get off the ship and there aren't taxis or a taxi I feel is affordable, then we will take the train to Pisa and then on to Lucca. Then train it back at the end of the day. All continued suggestions are welcome. Thanks! :)
  3. Good Morning! We will be in Livorno the second week of November. My travel companion and I are trying to decide what we want to do that day. Option A - Take train to see Pisa and Lucca Option B - Come off ship, and hire a taxi for the day to drive us to Pisa, and two wineries. We already have tower climb tickets, and the addresses of the two wineries we would like to visit. Can anyone share their experience with hiring a taxi on the spot for the day in Livorno? About how much did it run? Good experience or a pain? All feedback/opinions are welcome. Thank you all!
  4. Hi Piper, I am about to add the cruise ship and international calling plan pieces to my Verizon plan. It states that Epic's charges will also apply when using on the ship. Did you encounter fees for using your phone on Epic? Thank you so much for your kind assistance!
  5. Thanks for the tips everyone! This will be fun to try to accomplish! Cheers!
  6. Hello, I am a first time NCL cruiser, but have done over 15 cruises with other lines. My favorite is lobster night! I noticed in one of the posts above, it mentions that there is Kona lobster night - is this the only night that lobster is served? And, how can I find out which night this is on my 7 day med cruise in November? In all restaurants or just Le Bistro? Sorry if this is a repeat question, and I appreciate all replies! :)
  7. Hello! My best girlfriend and I are taking the Epic Med cruise in November. We have dubbed it the "booze cruise" as we have both the UBP and UDP. We are contemplating doing a full bar crawl, where we try to have at least one drink in every bar on the ship in one day, or as a backup idea - all bars at least once during the trip I've looked at the deck plans, and it doesn't seem like there would be that many to cross off the list. Is this feasible, or are we setting ourselves up for too many bars/drinks/craziness? Has anyone done anything like this before? Thank you to all who reply! :)
  8. Thanks for the information. I didn't realize you needed to book shows as well as dinner reservations. I guess I will figure it out online when it comes available 90 days before sailing. Thanks everyone!
  9. Hello, I am a fairly seasoned cruiser, but new to NCL. I have the UDP for my Mediterranean cruise in November on Epic. I would like to make my dining reservations ahead of time, but also don't want the times to conflict with some of the shows. How do I know when is a safe time to book a restaurant? Thank you to all who reply!
  10. Hello, I am also interested if celebrity will let you keep your FV IndyChristine. I just booked a corner FV on Equinox for June 2015. They let me book it with only 2 people on the reservation, through CostcoTravel. I booked only the two of us, because my daughter and her friend will probably come with us, but aren't sure at this point, and I planned to add them later. So, should I go ahead and make the additional 2 reservations with us on the FV in order to keep it? Or will 4 people not do it - they might still pull it for 5 people? When I went back online to check, and our cabin number is not showing available to book on CostcoTravel or the Celebrity websites. Should I call just to double check? Any advice would be most helpful. Thank you to all! :)
  11. Thanks so much everyone for the information. My best friend lives in Manhattan, and we live in San Diego. I"m trying to figure out if summer 2012 is the only year I'll get to combine a disney cruise with a visit to my best friend in NY! THanks for all your info!
  12. Hello, I am looking to take my first Disney cruise with my daughter. Does anyone know when the Summer 2013 itineraries will be released for booking? Does anyone know if they will be repeating the NY/Bahamas itinerary that they are doing in 2012? Thank you all for your helpful information. Happy Cruising! :)
  13. Thank you everyone for the compliments! I thought you all might get a kick out of her commentary. :) We don't get to go out to eat very often, let alone to a fancy place, and I think she is looking forward to the opportunity on the ship. Last night, after telling her that there was a special place for dinner called the Pinnacle Grill that we would take her to for lunch one day, she promptly replied with big bug eyes, "You mean there's somewhere FANCIER on the ship!!!??" And then you could almost tell where her little brain went next, as she all of a sudden looked crestfallen, "Will they let kids in?" I told her that they will for lunch (I love my daughter, but out of respect for my fellow cruisers, I don't think the Pinnacle Grill is appropriate for her in the evening). She was very excited to hear about it, and is currently looking up the dishes that are listed on the lunch menu for the reason of, "I don't want to have to ask what something is - it would be embarrassing!" OK, that was my funny of the morning! I hope you all have good ones yourself! Happy cruising to all! :)
  14. After all the negative posts about children on board, I just though I would share a good story about children and cruising. My Mother, Myself and my 7 year old Daughter are sailing on the Westerdam on Sunday. I'm a single Mom, and I have taken to cruising with them as my travel companions. My daughter has only been on one cruise 2 years ago prior to this one. So, I took my daughter shopping this weekend for "dressy shoes" for the dining room dinners. While we were shopping, she was trying on shoes with a little wedge heel, and her not having ever worn a heel before, I said to her, "Now, you know you won't be able to run or play in those shoes." And without missing a single beat, she replied with a horrified tone, "Why would I need to RUN at a fancy dinner?" She looked at me as if I were the most uncouth person on the planet! I started laughing and realized that my daughter would have no problems behaving in almost any situation on our trip. And more likely, she would be the one teaching Mommy "the very best manners." Quotes from the same child within the last two weeks: "Mom, did you remember to get bobby pins for the trip? I need to wear a my hair in a bun to dinner." "You mean you want me to wear the SAME dress more than once on the ship? What if someone notices??" "How many courses do we get for dinner? Will they give us clean forks for each one? I don't want them to run out of forks." We'll see if she lives up to her own high expectations for behavior on the ship once we board. But, at this point I think she'll be acting like an adult at all the right moments! Happy cruising to all! :)
  15. Does anyone know the hours of the future cruise consultant's office? I would like to book again while I'm on board in 10 days. But, last time I tried to do this, there was a long line, and I didn't want to wait. Also, I may want to buy credits for my daughter and I for the next two cruises we want to take. Can I purchase 4 credits, but use them 2 by 2? Or if I buy 4 at a time, do I have to use them all together? Thank you all for the advice!
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