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  1. No, no need for a note. I generally bring the papers with the prescription on them that they staple to the bag in the envelope where I keep all of my cruise documentation and important paperwork, but I've never needed to show it. That's also quite possibly me being paranoid.
  2. I travel with insulin and have never needed a note. I can see where you might need one if it's in a syringe, but even then, if you show a vial of something with a pharmacy label on it, it shouldn't be a problem. (FWIW, I don't use syringes....my insulin is in pens).
  3. I travel with insulin and have many of the same concerns. I ALWAYS keep my entire stash of meds on my person, in a carry on bag. You have no idea what conditions it could be exposed to in transit, since there's rarely consideration for storage on things. People, yes. Things, no. You'll be able to access your cabin around 1:30, and you can dump them there, if you don't wish to have the extras on you.
  4. You'll get a refund for the port fees in the form of OBC. If you don't spend it on the cruise itself, it will be refunded to the card you set up your onboards spending account with.
  5. As stated, it depends on why the flight was cancelled. Unfortunately, if the flight was cancelled due to weather, and you eventually caught up to the ship, you're not really entitled to much more than that. I understand why you are frustrated, but unfortunately, such is the variablity of air travel. I hope you decide to cruise again, but if you do, I highly recommed flying in the day before, under your own reseveration independent of the cruise. This will give you more flexibility in the event that you have issues with your flight.
  6. I live in Boston, and I can tell you that our pier isn't that big....definitely not big enough to accomodate an Oasis class ship. It does ok with the smaller ships, but the bigger NCL ships have trouble with it, and Oasis is bigger than those. Since there isn't really any space to expand the pier, it looks like we won't be seeing Oasis class ships in Beantown anytime in the near future. Regarding travel time to the Bahamas - I had an NCL cruise out of Boston that was supposed to go to Bermuda. We got rerouted to the Bahamas due to Hurricane Gonzalo, and it took a full 2.5 days to sail to Nassau. The Caribbean is barely reachable from New York, and almost not worth it for 7 days from Boston.
  7. I always get at least $125 OBC from my TA, which I've built up over the years by booking with the same TA for every cruise. Additionally, I get several other perks, plus any OBC that Royal is offering at the time of booking. I haven't paid a gratuity since my first cruise, thanks to those benefits.
  8. My father requires a wheelchair assist for embarkation and disembarkation. Every time I have sailed with him, it's been a simple procedure. For the scooter - make sure you know if your ship has a Special Needs at Sea kiosk or not (SNaS will be able to help you with this). If they do, you will need to pick up the scooter at the kiosk, and she will be able to use it for embarkation and disembarkation. If not, it will be waiting for you in her cabin, and you can arrange a wheelchair assist. This is a very easy procedure. Either call Royal or your travel agent (whoever you actually booked through), and have them add it to your reservation. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. Most ships have Coca-Cola Freestyle machines that you can use with the soda package, or you can get whatever soda is available at the bar. If your kids aren't big soda drinkers, you may want to look into the refreshment package instead. Keep in mind that the following beverages are included in your cruise fare: tap water milk tea coffee (regular and decaf) lemonade iced tea flavored waters juices (at breakfast and not fresh squeezed) Hot chocolate (via instant packets)
  10. My reaction was that $1M is a little low, considering RCI is a multi-billion dollar company. How many ships call in the Bahamas? That nation does a fair bit for their business, so I was a little disappointed that it's so low. Then again, I'd also like to know what the damages are for Coco Cay, and who's footing that bill.
  11. Thats very true. The only sure-fire prevention for drowning is to stay out of the water, even extremely shallow water. However, there are ways to increase and decrease the odds of that happening. USCG approved devices decrease the odds of drowning, but don’t eliminate them entirely.
  12. Also a former lifeguard and EMT - and that's completely FALSE. Those floatation devices give both the watcher and the swimmer a false sense of security by thinking the floation device will keep them up, which makes them MORE prone to drowning/near drowning. I can't tell you how many kids I've yanked out of pools or lakes because the slipped out of those things. Echoing what's been said before - if your child is not a strong swimmer, please put them in a US Coast Guard approved life jacket. You can go to almost any sporting goods store and ask for one, and they will be able to help you. The approval stamp should be on the device itself. Your best bet is to bring your own device, as you will know, for sure, that it meets USCG guidelines.
  13. I love my TA, and I would never book elsewhere. I get perks through the agency in the form of OBC, shore excursion discounts, etc. And, whenever I've had an issue or needed to make a change in my booking, she's the one who gets to deal with the cruiseline and save me the headache.
  14. What's been echoed here already....my friends and I like to play games, too. We've used the Card Room before, and we've also found an empty/near empty bar to play in. There's plenty of common space. I recommend exploring the ship on Day 1 in order to get a feel for it. There will be someplace to play. Additionally, take a look at the shows. I've been to some really good ones on RC ships. As for food, yes, you can order as much as you like. There's no rule about quantity. πŸ™‚ I frequently order multiple lobster tails to go with my steak on lobster night. πŸ™‚
  15. If you have MTD and a large group, you can go to the MDR on Day 1 and book a standing reservation for 21 at a specific time every night. I often travel with a large group, and this is what we do. We've never had a problem getting a table together.
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