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  1. Didn't when it had happened to me in the past. Perhaps could have demanded it.
  2. I'm on the next cruise picking up the ship in Montreal. Been following developments closely and hoping everything clears up with no new storms before we peek out into the Atlantic to go down the coast ending in POM. Nice to see that Oceania making the right move..
  3. Has anyone had experience with a disembarkation/embarkation port being closed? I can see, and have experienced as we all have, a port of call being bypassed due to weather. But when there are flight and hotel reservations what is done? My guess would be that the ones aboard get an extended cruise, with probably some rough seas, and the boarding passengers get a truncated one. The cruise line has to get back on schedule.
  4. My son uses both frequently and prefers Lyft also. I haven't loaded it because I so infrequently use it that it would be too much of a hassle to have both [but I might after this conversation]. Also note that the airport that I had inquired about was FLL, so I don't know it that makes a difference.
  5. Thanks, will check those sites. Did SAS once, that was enough.
  6. I will be going between POM and FLL on a weekday. I will not be in a rush since flight isn't until 2:30. Thanks
  7. Terrace Cafe can be uncomfortably cold when it's chilly out and the electric doors open, esp. when some really hardy souls eat outside and staff come in and out.
  8. Yep, from the airport. And thanks for the advice about taxis vs Uber. Will really consider that. I'm due to land at 4:16pm so disembarking, going through customs and getting my luggage at that hour shouldn't be at the curb before 5:15pm. Figure shouldn't get to down town before 6pm -so right in the thick of things. And that was the best flight for me. Thanks all
  9. First of all, wondering if this is still going on. Then, is/was this a full ship problem of just in some, or all of the cabins? Finally, did the issue get addressed formally by the ship's officers?
  10. Thanks so much for your reply. This is my first time back to the city since 1960 when I cruised in with the USN. I will be staying at Le Square Philips Hotel. Looks like it's in the middle of the hotel area. This time I'll be cruising out a little more luxuriously on Oceania.
  11. Should I have much trouble getting an Uber at the airport around 5-5:30PM on a week-day in mid September going to a downtown hotel? I guess rush hour should be going to other way but still not an ideal time.
  12. When I lived on L I they used to flush out the fire hydrants [Johnny Pumps] yearly and that would make the household water rusty for a while. They assured us that it was safe to drink but not to do laundry with it until it cleared up. I'll be on the Insignia in September, so we'll see.
  13. Our T/A gives a bouquet for every cruise and the first thing we do is ask the steward to remove them. Don't know where they come from but we can't stand the smell and it's not like we don't like flowers. Asked to discontinue the practice, to no avail.
  14. I've been able to exchange it for a decent bottle of what they are pushing at the time. Haven't liked champagne since it gave me my first hang-over almost 70 years ago [talk about holding a grudge!].
  15. I had assumed that there was a possibility that passengers would be required to prove that they had immunity to be able to go ashore in some ports. I hadn't heard about this prior to reading this thread. Perhaps I didn't understand the reference.
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