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  1. alanmal

    Credit card info stolen

    This one tops them all. I live Florida and had my CC number stolen, the morons used it to buy train tickets from Chicargo to Oregon with reserved seats. When train stopped for a scheduled town, the police got and arrested them. They got 5 years in the slammer. Sometimes things work out for the good.
  2. I attached to the handle, a bicycle bell and horn. Plus it came with a device that sounds like a British police car.
  3. alanmal

    International Air Fare Confusion

    They now call it Choice Air. Booked my transatlantic flights with them last month a a great rate.
  4. alanmal

    Luggage storage at BKK

    Level 2, past check-in, in the back are 2 (either side of the building, luggage storage facilities
  5. alanmal

    From The Ocean Princess.

    My personal feelings is that Lam Chabang is cheaper than Unithai for Princess. If you want the right info e-mail: ndubinsky@princesscruises.com she is the Ocean Princess dispatcher.
  6. alanmal

    Smile tour in vietnam with thi

    Hue is up near Danang, and it was further than we could go, we went to Hui-an and danang and then to the port at Chan May
  7. alanmal

    CuChi tunnels - transportation options

    [quote name='John Bull']You've confirmed what we'd heard, which is why we've been looking at a boat option. Just 21 miles by road, but super-slow. Have heard back from one operator - the Blue Cruise full day, quoted at $65 pp joining tour is now only available on private hire at $225 :eek: each, the other offers half-day by boat, they've yet to reply & I'm sceptical that it's possible. Is it ??:confused:?? Money-wise I'm guessing that for tourist-orientated places & services the USD is fine, its just odd little backstreet shops, public transport & govt-run entrance fees that I'm unsure about. We have 4 stops in Vietnam. Any thoughts appreciated regards, [B][COLOR=red]John Bull[/COLOR][/B][/quote] Boat goes to Saigon, tunnels are North West of Saigon, you would lose all the time you save by boat, just getting out of Saigon proper. Did three cites and never used anything other than USD even in back alleys ands street peddlers.
  8. alanmal

    CuChi tunnels - transportation options

    [quote name='Jade13']We are doing a private tour with Thi. I was just wondering what else you had time to do, such as the War Remnants Museum or Reunification Hall as I understand you were docked 2 hours away and also had to catch a plane. We have a 4:00pm departure and want to be back at the ship by 2:30pm. Thi made it sound like we had little time to do anything else, although I have told her after the Reunification hall and tunnels we wanted a stop at China Town and/or the War Remnants museum. We can have lunch back on the ship.[/quote] Saw everthing because we had a 8pm flight, left for airport at 6pm. Do you have a sea day like we had between SWaigon and Danang?
  9. alanmal

    Smile tour in vietnam with thi

    Thi arranged everything for us in all 3 cities, the Chu Chi has more than just the crawl thru tunnels.
  10. alanmal

    Smile tour in vietnam with thi

    The range is part of the whole tunnel complex, next to the gift shop in the middle.
  11. alanmal

    CuChi tunnels - transportation options

    [quote name='Jade13']How stressful was it for you (if at all) making your flight out of HCMC (I think you went there to Hanoi)? What is your #1 recommendation as far as travels around HCMC?[/quote] No stress, saw and did everything we intended to do, airport is in the city. Do a private tour, they get around traffic much easier than buses do. You will see a lot more
  12. alanmal

    CuChi tunnels - transportation options

    [quote name='John Bull']Will be docked right in the city at Saigon. Don't much fancy the haul to the tunnels by road, tho' prices are low. Have come across two options by boat, one full-day, the other depart 8am & back by 2pm, either would fit our schedule, but no response to our e-mails for further info. Would be grateful for any advice/contacts/tour companies, And do we need to pre-book (we'll arrive noon the previous day)? should we pre-pay? ( if the answer's no, please don't shout :D) Also, can we rely on USD, or should we get a few Dong? Google came up with some very interesting suggestions when we asked about Dong :D With thanks for any help, [B][COLOR=red]John Bull[/COLOR][/B][/quote] Did tunnels 4 days ago, it is about 1 hour from Saigon center, traffic is murder. They took USD. We spent 2 hours there.
  13. alanmal

    Smile tour in vietnam with thi

    She was shooting it at me, I was running into a tunnel. $18.00 for 10 rounds on fully automatic.
  14. alanmal

    From The Ocean Princess.

    US money
  15. alanmal

    From The Ocean Princess.

    We had dealt with Ratana, 2 years ago, top notch company, Thailnd is not like Vietnam, where you NEVER pay in advance.