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  1. alanmal

    Credit card info stolen

    This one tops them all. I live Florida and had my CC number stolen, the morons used it to buy train tickets from Chicargo to Oregon with reserved seats. When train stopped for a scheduled town, the police got and arrested them. They got 5 years in the slammer. Sometimes things work out for the good.
  2. I attached to the handle, a bicycle bell and horn. Plus it came with a device that sounds like a British police car.
  3. alanmal

    From The Ocean Princess.

    Did private tour today, nice island, many differant budha's waterfall, elephant rides, mummified monk., 3 quarter day tour is enough to see all, with lunch. Just to mention that the wifi is in all rooms, but very slow. Tomorrow and next day will be at Kwai Bridge and Tiger temple, will post then.
  4. alanmal


    Need some opinions, whould you do the Chu Chi Tunnels or the Saigon Water Puppet Show? No time for both. Thanks for any helpfull replies
  5. alanmal

    Staying on shore in Vietnam

    I am doing a Saigon to Hanoi to Danang 3 day land (fly) tour and skipping the sea day on the Ocean Princess. FYI, the ships visa are not valid for the air portion to Hanoi, as per info from Vietnam Embassy. You need to obtain a regular visa ($65.00 USD), from the embassy or use a visa service. The embassy accepts mail or fedex sent applications. I will tell the pursers desk not to issue me there visa. Anybody needing more info can e-mail me alanmal@aol.com
  6. alanmal

    Shanghai pier to Airport

    Does one need a visa to go from the cruise ship pier to the airport for the flight home to USA?
  7. alanmal


    Has anybody flown from Saigon to Hanoi, and from Hanoi to DaNang. I have a few questions to be answered. TNX
  8. alanmal

    Empty Promises

    RCCL promised me a $200.00 OBC ontop of my $300.00 OBC for switching from the Legend of the Sea Jan 28th 2010 sailing, which is being chartered, to the Azamara Quest sailing of Feb. 20, 2010. Now they are reneging on the $200.00 and droping the $300.00 to $200.00. So I cancelled them People watch out for there dirty tricks and empty promises
  9. alanmal

    Otway Sound

    Does anybody have web site or e-mail addi for tour operators in Punta arena for private tours to otway Sound. TNX
  10. alanmal


    Has anybody taken the Zodiacs from Punta Areanas to Magdelana Island? Need to know how was the waves in the Beagle channel? We are offered a trip in a 15 or 20 or 50 person Zodiac, depending on the amount of people. My wife is not a good sailor. Any info would help, we are going in February 2009. TNX
  11. alanmal

    Need some help

    Has anybody done the Buenos Aires to Iguazu post or pre cruise extension. The question is what do you do with the excess baggage that you bring with you for the cruise and the domestic airlines only allow 20 kilos (50 lbs) per person. Has anybody used a shipping company or do you just pay $12.00 per kilo excess baggage that the airlines down there want. Called princess executive office and they checked. They called me back and they said they have no plans in place to transfer luggage from Buenos Aires to Rio De Janeiro. Fedex and UPS want $1500.00 for 3 bags each at 50lbs. Can anybody help with this problem. TNX AL :D
  12. alanmal


    Looking for reputable guide in Ushuaia for Star Princess Feb. 2, 2009 departure. Can anybody help? TNX Al :D
  13. alanmal

    Split, Croatia

    Anybody know the distance or time needed to walk from pier thru the old city of Split to Medieval Trogir. TNX Al :D