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  1. Unfortunatly Ports O Call is under a complete redo and everything is demo'd now......no more restaurants with people waving you off......there are a few left only. It will be years before they have it re-built and is a shame......much lost revenue to the area.
  2. Our very first cruise our first sea day was on Easter back in 2005 with our then 10 year old twin sons aboard Diamond. They had a nice Easter service in one of the lounges and we enjoyed it much. I'm sure they are continuing this practice. Enjoy your cruise. We're aboard the Royal April 6th as well.
  3. Colo Cruiser told you the only two options in San Pedro unless you want to be in Long Beach 10 minutes over the bridge......
  4. So we're boarding the Royal in three weeks having never sailed this class of ship before. We do enjoy the thermal suite on the grand class ships and are thinking about looking at the enclave. I have seen pics and know there are no windows which is like the thermal suite we know. Has anyone been aboard her recently and knows pricing....?? A few weeks ago on the Ruby they wanted $149 for two it was a four night cruise and we did not think it was reasonable. We would consider pricing like this on a seven night cruise. Please enlighten us as to the value of this "enclave".......thanks.
  5. We live in Long Beach California and have done this itinerary multiple times on three lines. Anytime we can cruise without involving an airport we're in. All three ports are good, Cabo is a tender port and has "american" pricing as it has gotten expensive over the years, as is PV which is a docking port. Mazatlan is more old Mexico pricing and flavor. There you can just walk ( follow the blue line ) into the closest town center where the cathedral is.....easy walk the church is beautiful. We just enjoy the cruising and will be aboard the Royal in three weeks to do it again......happy cruising.
  6. There are people that will "look down their nose" at shorts in the dining room aside from lunch or breakfast....., but we saw that and worse a few weeks ago on the Ruby.......might as well wear what you're comfortable in......apparently they don't turn away.
  7. I'm curious about this as well......thinking about sailing the new HAL ship looks like great entertainment venues and nice.
  8. As far as the ship goes.....Princess is not the multi generation line that RCI and NCL go for with lots of things to do for kids like rock climbing, ice skating, water features and the like, that's why we like them. The Royal has one indoor pool (I think it's warm) in the Enclave spa (you have to pay).....all other pools hot tubs are outside. We have not done a land portion as of yet, can't comment. We've done many RCI sailings with and without our children but at this point we enjoy Princess.
  9. That would be very sad if they pull this benefit.......seems the cruise industry is going the way of airlines offering less and less amenities to try and keep costs down. Soon we'll be rowing oars to move the vessel......lol
  10. Thermal suite has eucoliptus sauna, regular sauna, warm tile beds, soft lighting, showers is coed price for a seven night might be around $200 bucks for two.....it's dark down there no windows. The locker room amenities are free. Carbe balconies are larger than the other decks, we like that deck for this reason.
  11. The one time we got a guarantee cabin it did not work out well. We never got an upgrade offer, and we thought we were assigned a great cabin on Caribe deck but it was right behind the bridge.....too far forward as the first two days had rough seas and the front of the ship moves up/down big time. Let's think maybe 40' top to bottom.....so think about the floor of your cabin rising that much....? My wife did not want to return to our cabin one evening. We'll never do that again.....like midship too much.
  12. At Catalina just a walk to Descanso Beach around the casino is beautiful.....you'd think you were in Europe. In Ensenada we love to walk to El Correlito restaurant just in town only 20 minute walk from ship. Tell Larry your server The Q's sent you .....fabulous food and margaritas.......can't go wrong.
  13. Last September we made the mistake of using one of their shuttles to get to airport......we got aboard the bus quickly then sat and waited until the bus filled up.....maybe half hour. Uber would be better for the money.
  14. Is there a smoking lounge.....?
  15. Berth 46 might be the one all the way down at the end. We disembarked there a few years ago when there were two ships already docked at 92/93 where we embarked. They shuttled us in buses to the parking lot.....we had no idea it would go that way and delayed us a bit......
  16. Be aware their "tables for two" are about 18 inches away from the next table.....so it's not quite "private"......you'll make friends anyway.
  17. Traditional dining times have moved to 5:30 and 7:30 and show times moved to 7:45 and 9:45 on our last cruise a few weeks ago. It worked out well for us doing late dining as 7:30 is much better than the old 8:30 time and entertainment is timed well.
  18. Have to say that now that late seating is at 7:30pm and they adjusted show times to 7:45 & 9:45 it works for TD. We could make the late show times which run right into other late night entertainment.
  19. Anytime dining works best for groups of four or less in our experience. Our last cruise a few weeks ago on the Ruby we had a group of eight so we changed to late traditional which was 7:30pm. It worked well for us that trip, had a nice table in the corner and it was quiet and our servers were fantastic. Waiting in the anytime line and tellling them "group of eight" would result in a long wait most likely. Also be aware that on the first night of your cruise anytime dining is usually a "cluster floc" if you know what I mean. It's always a good idea to do specialty dining the first night to avoid the mess. By the second night things will smooth out, and you can always call the dining line at 8am to reserve your time for that night.
  20. You'll be right below Coit tower hill.....we enjoyed a wonderful morning view off our balcony of alcatraz and a shrouded Golden Gate bridge.......million dollar real estate for sure. We walked the stairs up to Coit tower that morning.....a great workout and took the bus back down through town. It's a wonderful overnight stop, and our ship never closed the on/off process all night long.
  21. We paid $13.50 two weeks ago aboard the Ruby for sunscreen as we had unexpected sunshine which we were quite happy about. I no sooner put on the sunscreen when it started to rain again......the phrase of the day was "wait ten minutes" the weather will change......lol
  22. We were just on Emerald deck more forward on the Ruby two weeks ago......good location overall, the issue you'll have being towards the aft is vibration more than anything. Forward cabins get an up/down movement which is bad ( we had a cabin just behind the bridge and would never do that again. In the rear of ship you'll feel more vibration from the engines.
  23. Ruby TV was not fully working on our cruise......could not get personal folio informaiton on it.....only movies and TV
  24. Last year aboard the Crown we had only four of us but were able to log onto Princess@sea app and send texts to each other throughout the cruise......it was nice to have. Granted the texts might take some time to get to you but eventually it would get there. Last week aboard the Ruby I looked for the app (we had a group of eight) and it is gone. The wifi on board leads you to the Ocean Ready app where they charge for it. Nobody wanted to pay just to keep in contact.....we relied on house phones to our rooms. I wish they could find a way to offer both to it's passengers.
  25. At sail away we did see servers asking if you wanted a drink......had the trays of "sailaway" drink to pass .....after that nothing.
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