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  1. I chose Deck 7 for two reasons: the first is that before I book a cabin on any ship I do a survey of the best and worst cabins and cabin locations on the particular ship I'm sailing on. I believe the website I go to is called Deckplans.com or something relative to that name. It provides you with information from past cruisers as to which decks and cabins are most desirable and why and the same for those that are undesirable. I've found the information invaluable. It will let you know if a cabin you are considering is around a busy crew service area, underneath or over an entertainment venue, near obstructions of view, etc. For the Valor Deck 7 was noted as being a great deck to book on mainly because most of the cabins on this deck tend to be quieter due to being in between two other decks of cabins. I like Starboard so that is merely a personal choice. The aft-wraps on Deck 8 were available when I booked but I didn't want to take a chance at being under the Lido deck although I have read reviews by others who have stayed in these cabins on this deck and they had no issue with noise, things being tossed down onto their cabins from above, etc. I think with any of the aft-wraps you can't go wrong. A lot of people want their aft-wrap on Deck 6 because those are apparently (on the older ships) the only cabins that also have a couch in their cabin which we do not. Hope this helps.
  2. We are going out of NOLA on the Valor in early December and we have an aft-wrap booked. It is a Premium Vista Balcony. I booked about a year and a half out and secured a Deck 7, starboard side cabin. The total cost of our trip for two which also includes paid gratuities and travel insurance came to approximately $1,800.00. I also booked the cabin under the Early Saver fare to get the best price deal. Getting this cabin was a miracle because I too had heard that aft-wraps are the hardest to secure because they are so limited in number. When I saw they had one available I jumped at the chance to experience it at least once. I'm a balcony/oceanview girl any way so this was an added bonus. I've been monitoring the bookings on the ship and noticed that the other aft-wraps available weren't all gone until a few months ago which was surprising knowing their popularity. And not all aft-wraps are created equal as the ones I see now on the newer ships have no appeal due to their lack of privacy. I say go for the opportunity to secure one. It's more expensive but the experience in my opinion would also be more immersive as well. Have a great cruise.
  3. Just the privilege of being able to unplug for a week to be pampered and waited on by others is a blessing. Enjoying free time to do WHATEVER WHENEVER along with being with my sweetie or family who also are free to do the same. Getting up early or sleeping late; never-ending food; people working hard to see that I am happy and cared for while enjoying new locations, people, entertainment and experiences all in one place. The ability to tailor one's vacation to their specific needs isn't an option with many other forms of travel the same way it is with and on a cruise. Enjoy!
  4. This will be us in 49 more days and I cannot wait. Amazing pics!
  5. OP...My sweetie recently developed pulmonary problems and is on oxygen now as well. He has a big tank at home and a portable one for travel of which will be his first time using on a cruise. You should be fine with a portable tank. I contacted Carnival and spoke with them to confirm all the very in-depth information they already provide on their website. It is very clear and specific as to the process and how they can assist in making the experience one that won't interfere with your trip but takes into account concerns about traveling with any type of health and/or mobility issue. We are going on our trip in December and I have not the least bit of concern that my guy will be fine and able to enjoy every moment of our vacation. I hope the same for you and your hubby as well.
  6. 59 days until we are sitting on our aft-wrap toasting to sailaway!
  7. We have an aft-wrap on our upcoming Valor cruise in December and the only reason I went for it was because it was an aft-wrap which will give us the option to either be out in not too hot weather but even if it is hot we have the overhang on the side to protect us and still allow enjoyment of the balcony. I will try to remember to comeback and report what it was like.
  8. I made reservations for our upcoming trip on the Valor and yes, I reserved and had to pay up front. Since this is our first time doing the steakhouse and it is only for 2 of us I got that cost out of the way.
  9. On our next cruise we are going to try: Steakhouse Chef's Table Serenity Hot Tubs on a Port Day Somewhere other than Embarkation lunch at the Lido Buffet
  10. I'd like to know as well for our sailing in December.
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