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  1. Does a Deluxe Beverage Package and/or a Royal Refreshment Package include milkshakes at Johnny Rockets on AOS? I know that a soda is included in the per person pricing for a meal, but I can't seem to pin down the milkshake question... Thanks!
  2. Thanks to everyone for reassuring me that Imm it crazy! And thanks to @smokeybanditfor posting the full FAQ that included the language about the OBC. Still waiting for a callback, but I’m at least armed now with a little more info. I will post again with an update hopefully soon!
  3. My family of 5 is sailing on AOS out of Nassau on 7/17. When we booked the cruise on 5/13, we were told we would get OBC for the amount that we spend obtaining the necessary Bahamas Health Visa. Royal is now telling me this is not and never has been their policy, which is of course not true. Does anyone happen to have a screen shot of the RCL website FAQ section that stated this OBC credit was to be given? Or anything in writing from RCL regarding this? It amounts to $200 for our family which is not a big deal but the principle of them changing the policy on this without letting us know makes me livid. I just spent about an hour on the phone with an agent and a supervisor only to be told that I have no proof and that it is not their policy. I was also told that the reservation agent would have made a note in my file if they promised this to me -- I invite them to go back and listen to the call when I booked the cruise as it was made very clear to me, but I have no control over what was noted in my file... I am supposed to be getting a call back from a manager in the next 48 hours and would love to be able to show them a screen shot or other type of proof that this was indeed their policy when we booked our cruise. Thanks for any help anyone can give!
  4. Thank you so much, Bird and others, for all your helpful tips and observations! I feel much better about the logistics of our July 17 AOS cruise. Question about the MDR - are the dress code rules relaxed a bit due to the unavailability of the WJ for dinner? Would my husband and 19 year old son be able to wear nicer shorts (not gym shorts) and a collared shirt to dinner without being refused entry or offending anyone? I think I can make them wear long pants on the two formal nights, but every night is going to be a stretch... trying to start figuring out packing.... thank you for your replies!
  5. Question about late- night snacks... are there any? We are used to hopping back over to the Windjammer for a late night nosh (or "Twinner" - twice dinner" as my teens call it..) Where can you find food on the ship after MDR time is over. Is there a Sorrentos? Thanks so much for all the info - we are excited to be on AOS July 17!
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