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  1. Update. Got our cabin placement today - FREE UPGRADE!!! Paid $435 per person for a guarantee IF (inside) and got a balcony - albeit a partial obstruction view on Emerald Deck - Ruby Princess. Super stoked.
  2. Things we've learned: Order chicken fingers as an appetizer in MD - off the kids menu - if you don't like what is on main menu. The ice cream volcano (also on the kids menu) is awesome. Needs to be shared unless you have a big dessert stomach. In fact, we found there were a number of neat dining options on the kids menu. We don't have little kids anymore but you can ask for a menu. If you have a CPAP machine the cruise lines will provide you with the distilled water you need. Request it under "Accessibility & Dietary Requests" on your Personalizer/Guest Check-In. If you need more outlets in your room there is a European style one behind your bed. We purchased an adapter off Amazon to convert North American plugs. We brought a small fan (cost $9 at Wal-Mart) for room because the air conditioning is not great. We both "run hot" - especially at night. We run it 24 hours a day and it makes a huge difference. I don't believe there aren't any breakfast meats listed on your room service card BUT you can write them in. I've ordered bacon, sausage and ham and have gotten them every time. If you have a Soda card you don't get cans - just a glass full. Here's my tip. When in MD ask for a Lido Deck cup for you soda instead of a MD glass. The Lido deck cup is much bigger - twice the size. I know you can order as many glasses in MD as you want BUT it takes so long to get because your servers are so busy. After first meal, our server had a Lido Deck cup full of our soda waiting for us each night.
  3. Thanks for the info folks. This will be our 4th Alaskan cruise in 3 years. Our second this summer (got off Star last week). So we likely ain't getting off the ship to go on any excursions. LOL. Thought it would be nice to chill-ax in the Sanctuary during sea days. Sounds like it is cheaper than an excursion.
  4. Thanks folks. I appreciate the info.
  5. Who has used the Sanctuary on the Ruby? What did it cost? What is included? How busy was it? Is it worth it?
  6. Princess chooses cabin for you. You start with an inside cabin but supposedly give you an upgrade when available. The deal was so good because the cruise still is not sold out.
  7. We booked a last minute cruise to Alaska on the Ruby - incredible price for a category IF cabin. Just wondering when will Princess let us know what cabin we will be in so we can print our luggage tags?
  8. I just read that this weeks Princess Star cruise to Alaska got off to a rough start - engine issues. They left Seattle late and then had to stop while out at sea. I heard reports of scuba divers trying to fix engines Anyone have an update? I leave for Alaska on the Star on July 7th. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for this info re: asking for distilled water. Did not know this was an option. Re: plug ins. There is a European plug in behind the bed - make sure you bring an adapter. My wife hated using the extension cord in our room.
  10. Just my opinion: we have cruised many, many times in all sorts of rooms on all sorts of cruise lines. We took an inside room on our trip to Alaska last year AND this year over choosing a balcony. We even turned down an upgrade to balcony over another type of credit offer. WHY? Even in July, when we cruised, it was wet, cold and windy almost every day or parts of day. We rarely wanted to be on the deck - let alone a balcony - for any measure of time. Again, just my two cents.
  11. I prepaid for the Unlimited Soda and More package ($75.18 total for a 7 day cruise to Alaska) months ago. It is still on my file under Reservations + Purchases. I do notice that option is no longer available to purchase and has been replaced, I guess, with Classic Soda Package - over $90 for same cruise). I wonder if my Unlimited will be deleted or if I got grandfathered in. We sail July 7.
  12. What movies were they showing on deck during your cruise? What type of “guests” did they have for entertainment?
  13. Ok. Thanks? You seem a tad over-aggressive with the whole "misstating the rules" paragraph. Relax. It was my first time cruising with Princess and I was relating stories of what happened to me and around me. Sorry if I somehow caused you or the OP distress.
  14. Hmmm. Maybe its just on port days then that you have access only to Continental Breakfast. I can tell you this though - we never got bacon and eggs sent to our rooms. Like I said re: Alcohol Beverage Card - there is a set amount you can order in a 24 hour period. 15 a day seems plenty to me. LOL. But two guys on our last cruise complained it wasn't enough. They thought they had an unlimited number per day. So what they did was start drinking hard around 10:00pm till midnight - got in their 15 drinks - then the card "rolled" at 12:01am and they started on their next days 15 drinks. LOL.
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