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  1. Also, why are ghosts portrayed as pre-1900s? Where's the ghost of the guy that died in 2007 and screams IT'S BRITNEY ***** at 3am?
  2. I think you'll find that this answers a few questions. Research the correlation between hauntings and infrasound: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vic_Tandy
  3. Okay, except all that does is punish the grunt, who has ZERO to do with policy making. Their manager will tell them to placate the customer, because "tHe CuStOmEr iS aLwAyS RiGhT" and then they'll follow their managers directions. Then the customer who didn't get their way should write a bad review of the employee, so they get in trouble for following directions? No. Take up your complaints with management or use your wallet, but don't punish the guy trying to get by.
  4. This is my approach to a lot of immoralities in the world, such as racism.
  5. Do people just forget that disabled or elderly people exist? Straws make it easier for them. Or maybe some people just like using straws.
  6. Um disabled people use them. The whole straw thing is incredibly ableist.
  7. Correlation doesn't equal causation. I was tested for sleep apnea and the doctor said that sleep apnea isn't life threatening, just annoying.
  8. Listen, I've been on a Quince cruise, when I was on the Allure last year. None of the girls were "showing cleavage" or sideboob or whatever. Their shorts were normal. Comments like this absolutely do make you pedophilic, REGARDLESS of what they're wearing. They could be naked. It doesn't matter. You make a sexual comment comparing them to strippers, it's pedophilic. Case closed.
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