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  1. We are thinking about taking a Star Legend or Star Pride Cruise in August. How's the current capacity? Thank you for your responses.
  2. I am a USA citizen with no physical address/residence. I usually live in a country for one to two months at a time and have a virtual mailbox for mail in Europe. Am I able to be insured for a cruise with any insurance company? It seems all of them require one to be a resident and/or have a physical address in a country to be qualified. Living out of random hotels and apartments in countless countries every year seems to make me ineligible. I do have family in the USA and could leave an address there, although I am not listed as a resident at that location anywhere for mail or otherwise.. Anyone have any suggestions on how to obtain trip insurance with this situation in mind? There is a concern if I test positive for covid on/before the cruise.. (which is why I would like to obtain travel insurance) Thank you for your responses.
  3. I am a US resident by birth/have a US passport, although I work and travel around the world and usually only stay in a country for a few months.. Have an Internet business that allows me to work anywhere..
  4. I'm a USA resident that left the states in 2017 and have not been back since. I live out of temporary hotels and apartments and do not have a permanent address. I have a virtual mailbox in Europe for mail in another country and family members with an address in the USA. It appears all insurance companies require one to have been living at a physical USA address for coverage. Does anyone know of an insurance company that covers people that do not have a physical address they live in for Covid/Trip-Cancellation Insurance?
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