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  1. Thank you everyone for your input. Yes, I finally did go to each country's website and there is nothing about Typhoid. I've also decided not to get the Dukoral. This has been a good education. I'm hoping some of you are on the Majestic Princess so I can meet you at the Meet and Greet. Only seven more sleeps! June
  2. I posted my immunization question on what I thought was our particular ship, but obviously I didn't. Thank you all. We are travelling on the Majestic Princess on the 18 of Oct to the South Pacific - Vanatu, Fiji and a couple of others in that region.. I've gotten Hep 1 and 2 but wondered if the Typhoid was really necessary and was looking to the experience of those of you out there that may be more extensive travellers. This part of the world is new to me. June Toronto
  3. My doctor suggested I immunize against Typhoid and stomach issues resulting in diarrhea. Has anyone experienced these things, or know someone who has? Have any of been immunized against these? Thanks for your input. June
  4. Can anyone tell me whether Fiji accepts AUS dollars? Should we purchase Fijian dollars? Your input is appreciated. June and Bruce
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