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  1. So just talked to Royal about my refund. I cancelled an August Harmony cruise on March 31. I had a refundable deposit of 250.00 and had made 2 extra payments on the balance. One was for 75.00 and one for 29.57. I was told when I cancelled 7-10 days for refund in the amount of 354.57 Today I was told that I had a refund of 122.00 disbursed on April 19. I asked where was the rest. Got the usual answer of ,so sorry it was stuck in the system. She said that just this morning they were advised that the system between Royal and the banks had been overwhelmed b
  2. Just received an email about my Aug 23 Harmony sailing. They have extended the Cruise with Confidence sailings through Sept 1. Doesn't look good for summer sailings
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