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  1. Good for you. I kept mine on all night both nights and gambled my butt off at the craps table. Rock it and don’t look back. You won’t be alone but you will stand out in a good way
  2. That may be how you feel, but clearly Princess is trying to encourage a certain ambience and I don’t understand why people choose Princess that don’t want to be a part of what is being encouraged. The same itineraries, similar ships and features can be found on other lines with less formal dress “suggestions” or no formal nights at all
  3. While enforcement isn’t there, I was surprised by the number of tuxes on my Mexican riviera cruise earlier this month. The four men in Our group ranged from One tux, one full suit, one vest with tie, and one shirt with tie. Probably a fair representation of what’s out there. Formal nights were well attended and the piazza and dining rooms were the busiest those nights with tons of people doing photos and looking their best. And yes, there were a handful of men in t shirts in the dining room. I keep hearing about guyabreras but didn’t notice one on a Mexican cruise. They don’t interest me e
  4. For a more Alaskan meal, do a princess run fishing excursion. And if you catch a salmon, they will cook it for you and serve it in the main dining room for about $40. Or at least they used to offer this. Regarding wild ungulates (moose, caribou, deer, etc), I’m fairly certain the whole US has made it unlawful to sell wild game meat due to the history of unregulated market hunting prior to 1900. Here in Colorado it’s a felony. I doubt moose do well in farmed situations. I was served some in Estonia once, and in that case I’m assuming it was from a wild source, but wh
  5. Usually there are a bunch of private fishing and boating options on the docks that you could just walk up to
  6. Stupid paper straws on Royal last week. I just pulled them and drank like a grown up
  7. The CBP stuff probably had more to do with drugs than immigration. I got offered weed and coke (all with the same script “you want some weed, you want some blow, i take you to the mooooonnn”) 4 times in Cabo by guys selling cigars and once in Mazatlán by a cab driver.
  8. Haha yep, same boat. I was the guy getting drunk at the back
  9. thanks I thought this was at least as on par with my 12 day med cruise on Princess. If reading too much here, I would have believed that a short Mexican cruise would be less formal, but the atrium was hopping with well dressed folks on formal nights. I kept my tux on all night even in the casino, cuz why not? Also I’m pretty sure you were on the same Cabo sunset boat cruise with my wife and I. Cuz that looks like our boat and capitan Erick
  10. I was also on this sailing and I’m curious how you think participation was regarding the formal nights, especially coming from non Princess Cruises. I’ve got my thoughts but I’ll hold off.
  11. Speaking of last weeks Mexican Riviera Cruise, the night life is what you bring to the table. My group brought some energy to the casino and shut down the craps table at 3 am one night and 1 am the other. Also it’s always a good feeling when they have to get more money from behind the cage to deal with a busy table. Casino was busy, but club 6 was deserted. Crooners has a piano man until 12:30ish. We would eat til about 9:30 then go party. If you want to party they will permit it, but not do much to bring the party to you after 11. You bring the party to a venue. and yes they shut
  12. I bought my own, and yeah I’m traveling with it and plan to wear in Mexico cruise this week. They are cheap when you buy used, usually less than a rental costs. And I don’t mind checking a bag or three when going on vacation. I get it and have long trips just on a carry on, but spending $50 on a suitcase is meaningless for a $2200 cruise plus other expenses
  13. If I want a travel experience, I don’t cruise. I find there’s not enough time in port to actually see and experience what I’m after. That being said, I do want to have some stops in interesting places. So for me, cruising is not immersive enough, and port days are sometimes done at breakneck speed. What I like about cruising is the all inclusive floating resort with different views and minor flavor differences each day. So I love sea days as a chance to relax and plan when I’ve got busy port days. Not sure how I’m gonna like this next cruise that has 3 sea days an
  14. Well I bought a used Jos A Bank for about $50 and it was a little baggy. Having some tailoring done now. Ordered a polyester cummerbund and pre tied bow tie, those arrived today and while going through my stuff I found my grandpas silk cummerbund and 6 self tied silk bow ties and I’m not even sure what this huge white silky thing is. Anyway, for way under $100 I’m in business. Didn’t get patent leather shoes though
  15. Thank you all. I actually do want to wear the tux but wasn’t prepared to take something else like a different style or color jacket or whole other suit
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