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  1. Saw on Facebook an item that says Cruise ships have been banned from Venice. Anyone else hear this? We are scheduled to stop in venice on the Jade in November.
  2. We have been to all of these ports and Santorin is definite for tendering. Been to Mykonos twice once we tendered and once we docked
  3. Again that is disembarkation only at the home port. If you are still not sure call NCL or your TA.
  4. Each port will have the time you can depart the ship and when you have to be back on board
  5. As well as the Disembarkation at the home port, you will not have an issue with the excursions
  6. Curious if anyone knows what a glass of Chardonnay would cost with tax and gratuity at the bar on NCL. Only interested in the least expensive brand, trying to decide on getting a beverage package or not. Thanks
  7. My wife and I started cruising in 2012 and started with the Jewel. Fell in love with NCL and getting ready for our 16th cruise with them on Jan 27th out of San Juan on the Dawn. We prefer the smaller ships having cruised on the Epic, Escape and Getaway. We have cruised on the Spirit three times and really enjoy that ship, others we have cruised are Dawn, Sun, Jade, Pearl, Gem, Star. We will also be on a 14 day cruise from Rome in October on the Jade again. We wanted to try another cruise line so along with our friends from TN we booked a 7 day cruise on MSC in Feb 2020 and made it a B2B as the next week we are going on the Encore as both use Miami as their departure port.
  8. Warning. If you are thinking about this and have already booked a room please check to see what the room will cost with this promotion. We have booked a room on the Jade in October so I checked what the price would be now and for a Balcony room it went up over $2000 so these extra "perks" are not free. We are staying with our original booking.
  9. My wife and I went on this tour and it was well worth it, spectacular was my wife's comment. She loves horses and didn't want to leave, if we go back to this area this excursion will be #1 on our list again. You get to mingle with the horses as well as sit on them for photos, there is lots of food also, very well done.
  10. call your travel agent or call directly to NCL. This has happened to me before when they cancelled the whole cruise
  11. 23 days until we sail out of Rome for 10 days on the Spirit to the Easter Med and the Greek Islands. We love the Spirit.
  12. NCL.com shows the Pearl sailing out of New York late May - early July 2020. Lot of empty dates from late 2019 until May of 2020.
  13. My wife and I are on the same cruise only leaving October 24th. Our philosophy has been for what we pay for airfare and the time difference we opt for the longer cruises in fact we would be hard pressed to justify flying to Europe for 7 day cruise. I agree with other folks the time will fly there is so much to admire on this cruise great itinerary. We have done a few 14 day cruises and that is probably the longest we would do at this time.
  14. Find it interesting when planning cruises in Spring of 2020 the only ships currently being shown are all going to the Caribbean. Bliss out of NY, Encore out of Miami, Breakaway out of Port Canaveral, Escape out of Miami, and Getaway out of New Orleans. Wonder if this is an indication of adjusting their fleet locations.
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