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  1. What is the cancellation policy for excursions on the NCL Star? We prebooked all of our excursions and would like to cancel the last port of Split since I have read it is easily doable by yourself. Thanks in advance
  2. flip8683

    Dumb question about Venice

    We are spending a couple of days in Venice before our cruise in October ,staying close to the San Stae stop. Is walking with open wine or beer allowed? Also can we bring a bottle of wine on a gondola ride and drink while we are on it? Sorry if this question has been asked before.
  3. flip8683

    Man overboard on Norwegian Star

    Cruise ship survivor plucked out of sea 'a stupid woman' says mother of liner's boss
  4. flip8683

    Shereholder benefits

    Thanks everyone I just got my Amenity confirmation for our October cruise, our March 2019 cruise and our Feb 2020 cruise. I think you can use it in the casino but I am not certain.
  5. flip8683

    Shereholder benefits

    I emailed ShareholderBenefit@ncl.com again but all I got was another rteference number. Maybe they don't like me LOL. We have 2 other cruise planned and put down deposits so I want to talk to someone about what bi am doing wrong
  6. flip8683

    Shereholder benefits

    I originally sent the request in by snail mail so after reading ck37421's reply I emailed the forms in and received a reference number back within an hour also. Thanks for the answers. NCl has had a little boost since earnings came out. I don't follow Cramer but I guess he liked NCL better than CCL
  7. flip8683

    Shereholder benefits

    Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get a OBC for owning shares of NCL? I sent in the form that I found online 3 weeks ago with a copy of my account statement. Our cruise is October 21 2018. My online MYNCL does not show anything. We are all paid up and within the 90 day from sailing? Thanks in advance
  8. flip8683

    Tipping with the unlimited beverage package

    Very well said 2oldpeopleinlove
  9. flip8683

    Where to stay in Venice

    We are staying at Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo for 2 days precruise in mid October. We've read alot of nice reviews about it and fits our style
  10. flip8683

    REVIEW Star Adriatic July 8-16th

    Thank you Klmesa Your answer reduces my stress flip
  11. flip8683

    REVIEW Star Adriatic July 8-16th

    Klmesa, Thanks for the great review. We are on the Star October 21st. and we were planning on just carrying our luggage off by ourselvers. We travel with carryon bags and you said they allow people to hold on to their luggage and carry it off themselves.(We try to travel light). Since we are cruising in October I am assuming the ports that you had to tender in was because of peak season and multiple ships. We decided to purchase the excursions thru NCL because of that fact. Do excursions thru NCL get their tender tickets when we get the excursion tickets? Or do we have to wait in line to get tender tickets the morning of the excursion? Thanks in advance
  12. flip8683

    Tender question on The Star.

    Thank you Patricd
  13. flip8683

    Tender question on The Star.

    We are on the October 21st 7 day NCL Star out of Venice with stops in Dubrovnik, Kotor, Katakolon, Piraeus and Split. Does anyone know where I can find information about whether we tender into these ports or just dock and walk off ? If we tender do I need to worry about doing private tours and getting early tender tickets ? At that time of year are there the same amount of ships traveling to these ports? Thanks in advance
  14. flip8683

    Must dos in Split and Kotor?

    Thanks for sharing the videos. We are in Split in October on the NCL Star
  15. flip8683

    Venice floating bridge ?

    Thanks Hank