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  1. Thanks Robin! It's good to hear that the Rudesheim hike will work for me. I'm sure my husband will borrow a bike whenever he can. Judy
  2. Congratulations on 25 years! I don't drink at all but my husband loves beer and wine. I'm fine going to a wine tasting with him. How difficult is the hike in Rudesheim? I have no problem walking, but too many steps are difficult. Scaling the cathedral tower is not for me! My husband is a bike rider and is hoping to borrow a bike some of the days. I would like to ride, but not if it's too rough. Thanks! Judy
  3. Thanks gnome12. That is good to know. We wanted to start in Amsterdam so we could do a pre-cruise stay. I've always wanted to visit there. The dates worked for our schedule. We then decided to add a post-cruise stay to see Basel/Lucerne. I'm so excited! Judy
  4. Thanks Robin! We are actually doing a pre and post stay in Amsterdam and then Basel/Lucerne. This is a bucket list trip so we decided to go all out. It's also a celebration of our 40th anniversary. Are there any excursions that shouldn't be missed? I noted the vinegar tasting as a must. Besides that, anything else? Thanks for your detailed trip report. It was so helpful! Judy
  5. Hi Robin, I know it has been a few years since your wonderful review, but I just came across it today. Thank you so much for all the pictures and details. We are booked for early May 2020 on this itinerary but are going in the opposite direction. I'm a bit concerned because it seems Basel to Amsterdam would have been a better choice. Oh well, we are very excited about our trip. We have been on many ocean cruises but this will be our first river cruise. Reading this has been so helpful and I can't wait until May! Thanks! Judy
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