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  1. If you like Reese's Peanut Butter cups, ask your dining room server to bring you a side of Peanut Butter with your Chocolate Melting Cake. Mix the Peanut Butter in with the Cake and you will think you died and went to heaven.
  2. Hi, hope you have a wonderful cruise. We have a Havana Cabana room booked on the Horizon in Sept and do have a couple of questions. First, the door that leads out onto the patio area, does that lock from the outside and can it be opened from the outside also? If so, we would not have a reason to use the front door into the hallway much. Also, I have seen in videos that down at the end of all the patios there is a fence that I have heard is locked. Is it always locked or do they open it at certain times of the day or evening? Thanks in advance for the help and again, have a great cruise!
  3. I have looked all over for an answer and have heard everything from Yes they do, to No they don't, to It's illegal. Could someone who has done it please answer the question, can Uber/Lyft take you to the Port of Miami and drop you off reasonably close to the building and can they pick up reasonably close to the building also? Am considering taking them from Ft Lauderdale to the port and then back to the airport. Going on Carnival Horizon in Sept and need to know. Thanks in advance
  4. Do you happen to know if they will pick you up after the cruise and drop you off at the Ft Lauderdale Airport?
  5. I am going on the Carnival Horizon in Sept. I have a Havana Cabana room. I was wondering if either inside the Havana Bar or outside in the pool area, do they have any food or snacks? Last year I was on the Sunshine and the Havana Bar had some sandwiches and things. Thanks in advance. CC
  6. I have switched rooms before after purchasing Cheers and everything was fine. Cheers doesn't necessarily show up under your booking because as you said it is something extra that is bought. As long as you have your receipt for the cheers you should be ok.
  7. Hi, I am going on the Carnival Magic Sep 8-15 (7 day Eastern Carribean cruise). Does anyone know exactly what nights will be Elegant nights? Here is the itinerary. Thanks Day 1 Leave Port Canaveral Day 2 Fun Day Day 3 Amber Cove Day 4 St. Thomas Day 5 San Juan Day 6 Grand Turk Day 7 Fun Day Day 8 Home
  8. As long as they put their phones in to "Airplane" mode they should be OK.
  9. I too just got off the Sunshine on Saturday and my wife and I also noticed the smell in the Atrium area. Then as you went outside it was also there. Can't believe they haven't done something about this. Made relaxing in the Atrium or deck 3 very hard.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, what is the name of the ruler program in your picture?
  11. I am going on a 8 day Eastern cruise on the Sunshine 6th of Apr. Does anyone know what nights the "Formal Nights" are. I think I have seen it before but I can't find it now. Thanks in advance. CC
  12. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows if on the Sunshine, Room #7162 balcony is covered. It is an Oceanview Suite and I need it to be.
  13. Thank you all very much, was hoping there was but that is OK.
  14. Hi all, I am getting conflicting reports. Can anyone verify if there is indeed a Thalassotherapy Pool in the spa area on the Carnival Sunshine? If so, is it very big? Thanks in advance
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