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  1. Hello All. Haven't posted since my 1st cruise in 2017 but wanted to chime in. I read all 9 pages of comments and there are some good topics and points of view discussed. Personally, I enjoy cruising (and camping). I was on the Sun Princess (February 2020 - March 2020) when I first heard about Covid-19. Although the ship and its occupants were not welcomed at 2 ports, the 46-day cruise turned out to be pretty good in my opinion and no one on board had/got Covid. Now, given all the deaths caused by Covid, the people who found themselves stuck in limbo on cruise ships (some staff still are), and
  2. I just checked the links provided by GradUT and possum52. Thanks for the links. Plenty of luggage storage facilities and a nice selection of Fremantle and Perth activities I can choose from to past the day and early evening. THANKS GUYS. I enjoy planning my trips and I will have a ball planning my after cruise day activity.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions every one. I should have mentioned that I have spent time in Perth after a past cruise. However, I have not visited Rottnest Island and that sounds like a good idea. I think I will start by taking Cool Cruiser's idea and see if I can book a hotel room for the day, valet the luggage, and go from there.
  4. Hello all. There are 187 pages of topics under Australia & New Zealand. Too much to check and extremely time consuming. I apologize to Cruise Critic and the public if my topic has been posted but, I need suggestions. I am going on a 46 night Princess cruise in 2020 and disembark in Perth on a Tuesday morning. My flight home to the US does not leave until 11:00 PM. I truly don't want to spend all day and evening at the Perth airport. Any suggestions on activities/places to visit in Perth that will past the time? Where can I store my luggage to keep from dragging it around all da
  5. I slept on the balcony 1 night during my 1st Royal Caribbean cruise however, I did not take the furniture onto the balcony. I used the 2 chairs that were there. I put the chairs across from one another, draped a bath towel over the seat & back of the chair I was going to have my upper body in, used 1 bed pillow for my head and put one under my bum. The pillow was large enough to position to cover the hard armrest. I used another bath towel to cover my feet up to my thighs (it was warm, no full cover needed). I turned on my side & scrunched down in the chair as best I could with my legs
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