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  1. Get yourself past Disney! Traffic on 4 is hell almost all of the time. Are you taking 75 all the way down or are you going to cut over to 95?
  2. Opal91086

    Just off the Infinity after Drydock

    Great information. Thank you. Any information on the effect of the changes on the aft Aqua cabins, specifically cabin 1140. Thank you.
  3. Opal91086

    How's the infinity after dry dock?

    Any info on deck 11 Aqua class cabins would be appreciated.
  4. Fortunately, we drive - 3.5 hours and we are home.
  5. Another good reason for trip insurance. :)
  6. I was on Silhouette in late January. I didn't notice anything. I wonder when it started?
  7. As long as we have a ride home! We are on an RCL Serenade cruise prior to this one. Any idea what would happen?
  8. Opal91086

    Pics of Infinity post refurb please

    This is my cabin for March 2016 Panama Canal! Thank you. Won't tell my husband yet because he will fear seasickness!! How was the motion back there? Thank you!
  9. Opal91086

    Athens tour guide question

    Not at all! Here is my review from fall 2012: We booked George based upon both cruise critic and trip advisor reviews and were not disappointed. I used the George's taxi website to make initial contact. After that, contact and confirmation by email was easy. We even received a thank you from Nicholas, George's son, following our tour. George was waiting at the pier in a Mercedes for the four of us. We were traveling with my sister and brother-in-law and each couple was given an Athens guidebook - a nice touch! George spoke excellent English, was interesting, entertaining, accommodating and gracious. We started off getting coffees at a local shop that gave us warm pretzel type bread. It was delicious. We saw all of the usual Athens wonders and they were breathtaking. He drove us up to the highest spot and the panoramic view was exquisite. George brought the past to life with his knowledgable discussions. We requested a stop for lunch. We wanted a local place, not a tourist trap. We were so happy with our meal!!! We were served about 6 or seven traditional dishes, two salads on the house, a couple of beers and a half carafe of wine made by the proprietor's father - total cost for all four of us 40 euro! Loved loved loved this meal. One of the highlights of our trip for food. George let us walk across the street to buy baklava! What can I say, this was a wonderful and memorable day. ( we did take about an hour at the end for shopping.) I don't think Athens could have been covered in one day as we did without George.
  10. Opal91086

    Athens tour guide question

    I like TAXIGREECE.COM! George's Taxi - Private Tours Tripadvisor rates George #1. We did a full day tour of Athens, 4 of us, a few years ago. We have him reserved for this October.
  11. Opal91086

    Day Pass at the Sonesta or the Westin

    I so appreciate the help!
  12. Opal91086

    Day Pass at the Sonesta or the Westin

    I thought I was all set with a plan but now I am confused...
  13. Opal91086

    Day Pass at the Sonesta or the Westin

    Gary, Thank you. What do you recommend? I would really appreciate insight.
  14. Researched here for St. Martin hotel day pass. Found the Westin and the Sonesta Maho Beach. Would love to know which one is closest to the ship and which you prefer. We are sailing on the Silhouette, which leaves Fort Lauderdale January 19, 2014. Thank you!