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  1. 100% this! "Natural" antibodies and no vax in your future. There are many out there trying to figure out the same thing. They can't keep discriminating.
  2. It is a mindset. It is cultural. It really shows how many people are still living in that scary era of 15 months ago.
  3. Actually, I bet they do get paid. And you know who pays it? You. Just like the politician saying they won't raise taxes on those making over $XYZ. You believed that too, right? It's the trickle down effect where the consumer unknowingly pays it on the backend. So, go ahead, cruise lines, and test the waters; then, we will all get to watch the cruise rates rise.
  4. So, just how does a cruise line treat (discriminate) a vaccinated vs a non-vaccinated guest by bracelet color/identity? Perhaps you'd be able to walk the other way if one approached you? Or, throw yourself up against a wall to steer clear? How....honestly curious how people could even suggest such nonsense! You people really do need to stay at home where it's safe and warm.
  5. And, this my friends is why you ALWAYS book the largest and most expensive outside room you can afford! You can always go back to your room just in case a non-vaxxer ruins the cruise. Or, maybe it was that non-vaxxed vendor in St. Thomas you encountered? Do you REALLY know how stupid you've all made it sound? What if...what if...what if... It's 2021...get on with it or stay home.
  6. But, what if you encounter a non-vaccinated, Covid carrying Caribbean resident and they accidentally sneeze on you? Maybe you shouldn’t even get off the ship. Same worry and just as ridiculous sounding, right?
  7. To be honest, I’d say “no” you probably won’t fit in. We love the Crystal class and all it has to offer, and it has nothing to do with the sexual preference for you. We have done 3 cruises and won’t another with them. It’s kind of like being in a country club setting where everyone knows each other...but, you weren’t invited to attend kind of feel. We are a married couple of 50+ yrs from Texas and still didn’t like the overall non-welcoming feel. Not that I was looking for approval, just didn’t like the atmosphere.
  8. Why do you care of someone fakes one or not? If someone did, how would it affect you? Try taking care of yourself and practice minding your own business. Too many people still trying to divide and conquer.
  9. So, what I'm understanding is on HOTS we all have to buy RCI's WiFi (Voom) for iPhone/Android if we want make absolutely sure text messaging goes through in order to stay in communication.
  10. I thought I was smart enough to figure this out by reading past posts, but I guess I'm not. So, I'll just ask in simple terms. I need to keep track of teenagers on Harmony. I know about the RCI app that's FREE for texting purposes but it's my understanding it doesn't have "push notices" and isn't all that reliable. If the kids have an iPhone what does Royal offer for WiFi while on the ship....is that VOOM? How does all of this work that makes sense and doesn't end up costing a ton of money. Not interested in streaming, FB or any of the social media stuff...just need to make sure these tee
  11. Better than walkie-talkies. Will that work if you wanted to text anywhere other than within the ship....like back home as long as they have the recipient also has the RCI app? Teen onboard will be asking.
  12. This is good news! So, on Harmony if you have no intention of doing anything other than "texting" from person to person (plus the other little one-offs) there is no need to buy the Voom package? I've been trying to find a way to keep track of the other family members onboard without buying an internet package I can do without.
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