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  1. So, what I'm understanding is on HOTS we all have to buy RCI's WiFi (Voom) for iPhone/Android if we want make absolutely sure text messaging goes through in order to stay in communication.
  2. I thought I was smart enough to figure this out by reading past posts, but I guess I'm not. So, I'll just ask in simple terms. I need to keep track of teenagers on Harmony. I know about the RCI app that's FREE for texting purposes but it's my understanding it doesn't have "push notices" and isn't all that reliable. If the kids have an iPhone what does Royal offer for WiFi while on the ship....is that VOOM? How does all of this work that makes sense and doesn't end up costing a ton of money. Not interested in streaming, FB or any of the social media stuff...just need to make sure these tee
  3. Better than walkie-talkies. Will that work if you wanted to text anywhere other than within the ship....like back home as long as they have the recipient also has the RCI app? Teen onboard will be asking.
  4. This is good news! So, on Harmony if you have no intention of doing anything other than "texting" from person to person (plus the other little one-offs) there is no need to buy the Voom package? I've been trying to find a way to keep track of the other family members onboard without buying an internet package I can do without.
  5. Thanks for the responses. What’s the best way (party of 6] from MCO to get to Raddison, then Radisson to Pier, and back to MCO? Uber was really expensive so ya I would be even more. I looked at goportcanaveral.com and their hotel selection at the pier is either sold out or they don’t have availability for this many hotel rooms.
  6. Which hotel have you stayed that is the best and closest to the Port of Canaveral? Taking our family plus two granddaughters (10 & 14) on their first HOTS cruise in July. We've never sailed out of this area. I think I'd like to stay closest to the pier if possible. Are any hotels close enough to see the ships cruise into the harbor from the hotel rooms like in MIA? In your opinion and experience which is your choice hotel either near or farther away from the pier? Maybe you know of recent reliable transfers you've used that worked well from MCO/Hotel/Pier/Back to MCO on debarkation?
  7. One last question, what’s so special about it that it’s reserved for certain cruisers?
  8. Thanks, Host Clarea. Is that GS and up? Guess I could look it up but thanks anyway.
  9. I keep seeing Coastal Kitchen mentioned. It’s been more than a few years since we’ve cruised and since I have been reading these boards. So, what is the CK all about?
  10. Please don't shake your head at me, but I haven't been on this board in years and I'm now planning a trip that says perfect day . What is the "perfect day" all about?
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