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  1. We are fully vaccinated and looking forward to POA in November, if we have to have any kind of tests, it will be a game changer. The tests are frequently wrong and the last thing i want to worry about is testing. 100% vaccinated cruises there is no need. The selfish people who have no intention of getting the vax is causing the 95% vaccinated to suffer. My doctor says there is less than 2% of the population. Who cannot get the vaccine, the others are lying that they cant take it. They are ignorant about the vaccine. You cant cure stupid.the reason we are back into cruising is because we got the vaccine.
  2. I have done the same for POA Hawaii 11/27/2021. We will be the first cruise after the shutdown. I have made all my hotel reservations with free cancellation. I dont want a land trip but future air is twice what i have paid, so it is Hawaii even if not by ship.
  3. Done several 15 night Hawaii and is way too long to spend such a little time in Hawaii. I dont mind sea days but there are simply too many. I have 7 day Hawaii 11/27 and hopefully it will sail. If not it will be a land trip.
  4. In case you dont know, POA's first cruise will be 11/27. Any cruises before are suspended. So disappointed, looks like i may be doing land trip instead of POA, damn!
  5. I know the testing between islands for vaccinated in Hawaii has been lifted but not for people from the mainland. When they openup for vaccinated from out of state then I am sure they will treat us the same. They have mentioned mid July but things change on a dime over there.
  6. We are very close to herd immunity. Hawaii is at 56% vaccinated and when they reach 60% people on the mainland are going to be allowed to fly there without being tested, just showing they have been fully vaccinated. We could have been at herd all over the USA 2 months ago but the anti vaxxers are slowing the process down. People can be so ignorant. The people that wont or cant get the vax still expect to cruise like normal. Be proud that you chose to be vaxed so that we can get back to what we love. Id get 10 vax if it helps not only me but also protect others.
  7. Some of us do enjoy a good food that is better than MDR Neither of us are large enough to block out the sun, your remarks sound snarky, preachy and offensive.
  8. We always get the UDP and for 7 night we do Chops 3 times (1st, middle and last.) The others we sandwich in. We dont like the Chops breakfast. We book in advance and have our list of the dining and times we want, so the first thing we do when we get on ship is to find whoever is at their podium. Most of the time they are on the Promenade but have also seen then outside of Windjammer. We LOVE the UDP and just consider it part of our cruise.
  9. I'm fully vaccinated and have 2 cruises booked. I am referring to something else.
  10. I am always sad when these cruises get canceled for any reason. You are looking forward to something you love and the rug gets pulled out from under you. I am the same with my cruise, I have alternate plans should that happen to me. Chin up, in a month things could be different. I HATE COVID!!!
  11. There are things that I loved to do and miss terribly, but my medical condition prevents it. I don't whine about it, I adjusted my life and continued on. The same with cruising, if you cant or wont take the vaccine, then you need to find another type of vacation. The vast majority of cruisers want and got the vaccine, to continue to do something they love.
  12. I really think the cruise lines blew it with what these beginnings would be like. When you were a baby did you go from lying down to walking? No you crawled. For the beginning of cruising they should have only had 100% vaccinated people instead of this 95% hair splitting. Then as cruising rolled out they could back up and be less strict.
  13. The easiest would be to have vaccinated wear wrist bands similar to what hospitals do. I do think that people with kids will not want to cruise because it will be like wearing a scarlet letter. I can assure you that there will be conflict with passengers especially when alcohol is involved. We are seeing that currently with airlines and more aggression.
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