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  1. Amen! I actually sheltered in place for 8 weeks after my first dose, I didn't want to take a chance to get it or spread it while waiting for maximum immunity. I will wear a mask where a business requires it. That is all I can personally do to help keep the virus from spreading. If you are waiting to get the vaccine, and are at high risk then shelter in place until you get it. I went to an inside restaurant in more than a year this past Wednesday.
  2. There has been a massive 66% drop in contracting Covid in the past week in Dallas. Texas is also scheduled to receive one million doses of Phizer, Moderna and JandJ next week. Hopefully other states will have similar numbers going forward. Fire depts, Meals on Wheels and FEMA are putting vaccine into arms as quickly as possible. This is far better than I ever expected. Data Shows 66% Drop In Risk Of Contracting COVID-19 In Dallas County (yahoo.com)
  3. I smiled when i saw your title. One year ago i booked POA for November 2021. Every month i put money in an envelope and for a long time it didnt seem much was being saved but in April of this year i will have the entire cruise paid for.
  4. That was published in 2016 and has nothing to do with Covid. The Covid virus program is Federal and not state. The data is being submitted directly to CDC, states are not getting the data directly.
  5. Isnt that what the Chinese scientist that defected from China said? That this was a virus created in the lab and not in nature (like Ebola) to be used as a bio weapon, and either escaped by accident (or God forbid on purpose.) She remains under heavy security in the US.
  6. Found out yesterday from my doctor that we are half way there for vaccination passport. Every person vaccinated is put into the CDC data base. Your name, birthdate, name of vaccine and lot number, for each injection. This is to prevent anyone trying to game the system. Also dont laminate your card, they have left room on it for additional boosters.
  7. Two mice go into a bar. One mouse asked "Did you get the vaccine yet?" The mouse says "Hell no, they havent finished the human trials yet"
  8. Part of the inability to make appointments is that many people are on more than one list, some I know are registered on 5 different lists. They dont go back to take their name off if they manage to get an appointment that they actually will take. Each of the providers assume you will actually get an appointment with them so they keep you in the system, and tell new people that they cant put them on the list. People that do this are actually biting off their own foot, and it certainly doesnt help the others. Federal sends the vaccine and supplies and is up to the Governors in each state how to
  9. I checked with our local Walgreens in Texas that are doing the test for Hawaii and the PCR test is 129.00 and the Rapid test is also 129.00. If you have been exposed to Covid then Walgreens will do the PCR for free, but not for travel to Hawaii. Carenow in the nearby city to us also does the test but they charge 250.00
  10. We were on tge list at Grayson County health, my doctor called me and said they would vax both my son and myself that Saturday. The next day Grayson County called me to say that it could be 8 weeks or more to get it. Told them we had appt with doctor for it and remove us from the list, I would have called to cancel but they beat me to it. Dont know if you know this. But the providers administering the vaccine are paid 28.39 for every injection by Medicare. If you have orher insurance they will bill for the injecting. If you dont have insurance or insurance wont pay the feds will pay the provi
  11. That is a dangerous path to go down. Both me and my son who is disabled multiple organ transplant. We were urged to get vaccinated as soon as possible which we both have had 2 doses of Moderna. We were warned to be VERY careful for the 6 weeks after the first dose of Moderna and 8 weeks after first dose of Pfizer. The danger of getting Covid is very real until fully vaccinated. People think they get the first shot, take off the mask and throw it to the wind. That is how people are getting Covid after the vaccine. People do what they want with no regard of the consequences of their actions. The
  12. We never lost water, but we do have to boil it. Apparently the water treatment plant had frozen pipes. The longest we went without power was 36 hours (it felt like a week!) If I wanted to live in Minnesota I would have moved there. Even with both doses we still have to mask and social distance. I have a feeling masks will be required for a very long time. Our cruise is in Hawaii end of November and Hawaii is on the cusp of going to tier 3. Their numbers are looking good and I hope with vax we will only have have negative test before we fly there and not have to have multiple testing. The good
  13. I live in Sherman and my nephrologist who is a provider of the vaccine administration is with Kidney Care. He says that if a vulnerable patient is living with other members of family living in the same house, giving the vax only to the patient doesnt work. You are at risk for 6 weeks from first dose of Moderna and 8 weeks from first date of Pfizer. Im a retired nurse and it makes perfect sense to me.
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