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  1. Anyone have a better phone number than 800-421-2110? I’ve tried calling, had a difficult time getting to a live person. Never did and then was disconnected twice! Help!
  2. I think I may have made a mistake when booking (in order to use the upgrade option with the CC points). I booked an IA as I thought that's what I read before, but that appears to be an Inside GTY cabin. Should I go ahead and get moved to an IF and then use my upgrade, or will they upgrade with an IA category?
  3. I know this is an older post and a lot has happened in between! However, I am looking at booking an inside cabin for a cruise in Feb 2022 with a portion of my FCC on a cruise that was cancelled. IF I book an inside cabin in hopes to use the double meta upgrade to a balcony cabin should I be concerned this far out? I'd really like a balcony, but have 58,498 points right now and looking to get those up to 60,000 to do this. Any advice appreciated!
  4. Thank you for your reply! That’s exactly what I was seeing and even in some of the Haven categories it seemed so as well.
  5. First time getting an upgrade request on our Encore sailing in May. We currently have an angled balcony and looking at the mini suites, spa mini suites and even the haven, some balconies appear smaller then the angled. I’m not interested in a 2bedroom haven, but can anyone confirm the havens or mini suites balcony size? I’d hate to do an upgrade request and reduce our balcony size.
  6. Unfortunately I bought a few months ago when it was dropping and it sure wasn’t this low! 🙄
  7. Silly question, but I received the upgrade email and called to tell them my email address was changing. I didn’t forward the upgrade email and it’s now gone. Can I call to get another one? I don’t see it on my NCL sign on page as others have shared in the past.
  8. I'd love to know which is the best for only a 7 day option? Inside passage, round trip, NCL or something else? There are SOOOO many options I can't decide the best for the least amount of available time. TIA
  9. This may be a silly question, but we’ve been to Cagney’s 3-4 times on other ships and never knew you could get lobster with your steak! Is that only on the Encore now or all NCL with Cagney’s? I learn something new each cruise (or post of cruises).
  10. Very sad to hear about Velvet as we already paid for this show on our upcoming cruise! 😢
  11. Agree now! However, we weren’t CC savvy before and actually hated using CC’s! However, things have changed in the travel program offerings for CC’s and now trying to compare the CSR to the AmEx Platinum. Ready to switch!
  12. I’m not sure about the Velvet Show (although we did book this for our November sailing), but on the Breakaway in February we did go to the Cirque Dreams show and we did have an amazing 3 course meal with filet mignon!
  13. It was at a pretty low point 2 days before I decided I definitely wanted to buy some. After that decision and the price I was willing to pay, it kept creeping Up! Hubby said it’s due to me exiting to buy! Hope you’re right! I’m keeping my eyes on it and have a set dollar in my watch list to buy when it hits again.
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