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  1. This may be a silly question, but we’ve been to Cagney’s 3-4 times on other ships and never knew you could get lobster with your steak! Is that only on the Encore now or all NCL with Cagney’s? I learn something new each cruise (or post of cruises).
  2. Very sad to hear about Velvet as we already paid for this show on our upcoming cruise! 😢
  3. Agree now! However, we weren’t CC savvy before and actually hated using CC’s! However, things have changed in the travel program offerings for CC’s and now trying to compare the CSR to the AmEx Platinum. Ready to switch!
  4. I’m not sure about the Velvet Show (although we did book this for our November sailing), but on the Breakaway in February we did go to the Cirque Dreams show and we did have an amazing 3 course meal with filet mignon!
  5. It was at a pretty low point 2 days before I decided I definitely wanted to buy some. After that decision and the price I was willing to pay, it kept creeping Up! Hubby said it’s due to me exiting to buy! Hope you’re right! I’m keeping my eyes on it and have a set dollar in my watch list to buy when it hits again.
  6. Thank goodness I'm reading it doesn't affect the other perks! I am considering NCL stock (if prices drop) so the beginning of this feed had me second guessing. Glad I read through some of this!
  7. WOW! Glad I got this topic back up and running. I've learned a lot from all of you. As a banker for years, it's hard for me to have a ton of CC's and equally hard not to close and cancel those I'm not using (credit scores drop). SO, I will take my time to make sure it's right and working for our needs prior to applying for the card. I am also playing the game of when I will have a large purchase so I don't lose out on the free points! Thanks again for your assistance and knowledge!
  8. I currently have a NCL Credit Card. I know a few months back they sent an email regarding the travel insurance being offered. I LOVE NCL, but also do cruise Royal and Carnival and will probably cruise many others in the future. I also do have flights I book periodically. I've heard a lot about Chase Sapphire Reserve and even though it seems costly, has a lot of perks for travel. I pay my CC off every month so I don't need comments about that. 🙂 The bonus points may not be a viable option as I'm not sure I will spend $4000 in 3 months as I don't have anything in the pipeline for that amount of spending. I've done the research and now thought I seek some answers from others who may have this card. TIA
  9. That very well could be the case! I'm using a different one on my cruise next year so time will tell if I get an upgrade offer on that one. 🙂
  10. I’ve often wondered if booking through a TA has caused me not to ever get an upgrade offer! Anyone who uses a TA have you gotten them before?
  11. I've looked all over and can't find any real tangible info for the Aft facing balcony cabin E255 on the Carnival Paradise. Any info appreciated! Worth it, larger, any smell from the engines, etc., etc. Thank you!
  12. This is great!!!!! We just booked cabin 12100 on the Breakaway, but I don’t think it’s this big!!!!
  13. May be a silly question, but can you bring a bottle of lime juice on board?
  14. All ended up fine thanks to AARP and UPS! I still won’t ever do hard copy gift cards again, but they both took care of us and our money was returned. Thankfully the e-gift cards came back just in time for our cruise also. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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