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  1. For seasickness I would suggest Seabands. I wore them during the day on my cruise. We were heading towards Puerto Rico with hurricane Beryl in the vicinity so waters were pretty rough. It was thought that San Juan would be dropped as one of our ports but Beryl was downgraded to a tropical storm and we were able to make it. I was very seasick on a cruise to Alaska a few years ago so was a bit anxious as to how this cruise would be. Felt a bit queasy at the beginning but after I put the Seabands on, it seemed to work. I had also packed Bonine but didn't need it. Had a wonderful cruise even with two nights of turbulent water and I am now hooked on cruising!
  2. She was not right. I also travel solo and have no problem tipping. Recently went on a cruise with my granddaughter and had a suite and prepaid the gratuities. I did not give extra at the end of the cruise though as I felt my prepaid amount was sufficient. Requested evening service only from my room steward so don't think he was overworked.
  3. I would seriously par this list down. Just off The Magic with my 18 year old granddaughter and took carry on only. We each took a 20 inch spinner bag and a small backpack. Ditch the alarm clock, toilet paper, magnetic clips, over the door organizer, duct tape, extra cord for plugging things in....all unnecessary. Washrooms we used on our land tours were all well stocked and for tourists. Plenty of outlets for charging whatever you have. Lots of storage in room and also in the bathroom so over the door organizer is not needed. Used my ipad or phone as alarm but the room also had a phone and you could request a wake up call. We had packed plenty of clothes including dressy for the evenings. Enjoy your cruise....if you want to pack all that crap and then pack it all home along with your souvenirs, that's up to you.
  4. Enjoying this review so much....especially the pics! Thanks for posting. I am on the July 7th sailing.
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