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  1. Amazing. Thanks for sharing! Would you recall it your drive to Antigua was also going through Volcano's scenery? I'll be reaching out RC to confirm if the Coffee+Antigua trip takes us through something scenic as well... crossing my fingers.. just not sure if they can provide this type of information. Thanks again for the pic!
  2. Thank you so much. I was wondering if I could push my luck (ie: speaking with someone of experience with the area! )... and ask if you'd know the difference (coffee plantation) between these 2 Royal Caribbean tours: ********************** #1) COFFEE CLOSE TO NATURE (4:30min): - which they describe with the volcano's amazing views etc. (likely the one you did) Scenic Drive: Ride through pastures of sugar-cane plantations.The volcanoes and unique landscapes provide impressive views. Participate in an educational and ecological adventure on a mountain range close to the active Pacaya volcano. Coffee: Learn how high-quality Guatemalan coffee is cultivated, harvested and processed for export and local consumption. A taste of local produced coffee is included. #2) COFFEE ESTATE AND ANTIGUA (8hrs): "travel to an internationally recognized coffee plantation. Absorb the aroma of freshly brewed coffee while learning about the intricate process that creates this precious brew. You'll tour the coffee mill, drying patios and plantation area, and get a tasty sample. Then take a walking tour of Antigua, from Central Park to a jade museum and factory, before enjoying lunch in a local venue." [...] Coffee Plantation: Taste freshly brewed world-class award-winning coffee and learn about the complex brewing process. ********************* Tour#1 is interesting as the road to get there looks very interesting (but won't involved much walking.. mainly sitting). Tour#2: doesn't mention a scenic drive to get to the coffee plantation... Would you think the "scenic" drive would be comparable? (would it be the same coffee plantation)? I like tour #2 because it allows us to walk in Antigua.. exercise will be welcome! Thanks so much for your thoughts/feedback. Ann
  3. Hi BillB48! I am looking at something to do in Guatemala -Puerto-Quazal / was your coffee plantation tour from this port? or from Cartagena? Either way; would you remember which tour company would dealt with? how long was the excursion and if you stopped anywhere else along the way? Many thanks!
  4. Pretty nice! Enjoy your cruise too!
  5. I don't know if you'd be interested in the same excursion we've organized for Nov 23rd in Puntarenas... I really think this will be the best of my Panama Canal cruise (we are on Vision of the Seas). The tour includes: Crocodile Safari & Mangrove boat tour, Capuchin monkey, macaw, complimentary fruit tasting/lunch and so much more..It lasts 7hr-8hrs / pickup at the port. This tour company is ranked #1. It is dble the time of the excursion offered by the ship, a fraction of the cost - of course, and more stuff included! They offered a special price for our cruise Critic roll call -Nov 23rd. Multiple people from our Roll Call joined yesterday! Let me know if this would be of interest to you / have any question! I know how you feel... it's hard to find the right tour... Do you have a stop in Guatemala - puerto quatzal? Any tour in mind. (I am still trying to figure out something myself...:( Enjoy your cruise! Ann
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