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  1. I had a link to the roll call for this cruise starting Jan 2024 and now cannot find anything. Can someone help please direct me to the right page.
  2. My dislike of Astroturfing some surfaces is it looks tired very quickly at the edges. Silly thought only. I love old wooden board decks from memories as a child on board some of his ships as a captain!! Not glamorous at all. Merchant Navy on oil tankers 🤣
  3. Brilliantly executed report. Love your detail and personal reflection along with all the pics. Thank You one minor question from someone who has yet to sail on this ship. Is there that much Astro turf on board? On older ships it is usually decking. Knock me back on my gribble of course it is not to take away from this marvellous insight of a cruise
  4. Good Times it is and the same format as John sent for last November. We are just off Adventure Tuesday this week
  5. As others have said and I echo. Fly out and cruise back is excellent way ….. I call it flat bed home!!! all being said though itinerary is our most important factor and did a repositioning years ago Brazil to Barcelona which was 14 days transatlantic cheaper than a flight at that time. Research Singapore well for accommodation and think about cost of drinks and food. We did three days before a reposition back to Sydney and spent more in those three days than the whole cruise cost back. Though we did stay at Marina Bay Sands!! Have loads of fun!
  6. Hi we have not sailed Ambassador yet. Have London to Sydney booked for the New Year. I like smaller ships after our first cruise repositioning Brazil to Barcelona was a great relaxing sea day’s experience. We tried a larger ship out of Sydney for a short break and were frazzled getting around! Older ships give me a smile on layout and I think they feel more of being on a ship than the huge floating cities. That being said I cruise anything that brings us the right itinerary. We have found the time onboard with a smaller set of people also relaxing with staff getting to know you and it is the one time I pack away my computer work and switch off!! Ambassador fits for us on the trip we want and am hoping for a Cuba trip in the coming years. I really hope you have a fab time on your trip and will love hearing about it. The added extras of the right entertainment for you should be a blast. We just finished a 4 day 80s cruise here in Sydney which was on an older ship which means cheap enough but great entertainment.
  7. Excellent Planning. Looking forward to your review especially as you will be in a small older ship which is exactly what I love. Enjoy
  8. Update on my saving, my saving is a thousand in Aus dollars at the moment but that could be also due to conversion fluctuations so very interested in late booking drops information not for this cruise information but in general. Thanks
  9. Big big thank you for the detailed review. We are sailing London to Sydney in Jan 2024 on Ambiance and getting very excited now and your review helped calm a few nerves. We have sailed a number of times from cheap and cheerful quick to a number of longer world repositions. Your detail and personal observation in the review also made me laugh. We booked for value not premium so liked your comment and made us feel comfortable in we can make our cruise what it is. On the drinks package side we booked so long ago our top drinks package was included for free in the price so I believe we will be “quids in” for a having a few coffees and imbibing as and when with wine at dinner. Interesting you say the later deals reduce pricing, is that on direct website? I can see the individual pp price for an inside cabin which we like is currently still a couple of thousand more than we have paid. Is the price reduction usually after the 90 days out pay in full has passed. Because we are British expats living in Aus and still working, planning cannot be last minute but interested in this area of booking later as retirement looms might be a way to get things even better value? Again thank you for the review your time spent writing it up is well appreciated.
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