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  1. Thanks for all the replies! I greatly appreciate it!
  2. Thanks. I may try that when it gets closer but for now I can wait a bit longer.
  3. I guess that is something else that has changed in the last 3 years LOL we are trying to re-learn RCL. Thanks for the response.
  4. Hello everyone! It has been about 3 years since we have last sailed with Royal. 3 years ago we got emails for all of our cruises from the concierge about a month out asking if we wanted to book a cabana. We depart on Nov 30 on the Independence and we still haven't received our email. We are really hoping to book an over the water cabana at barefoot beach. Should I try to find their email address and send them a quick email or should I just wait? Thanks!
  5. There used to be until they redid Coco Cay to make it perfect day at Coco Cay.
  6. I have been checking the drink packages every couple of days for my Nov Indy cruise. It went from $61 to $65. I checked last night and it showed $52 so I booked it for my husband and I. This is the cheapest it has been since we booked our cruise so hopefully it went down for some of you.
  7. I loved the over the water cabana at Labadee better than the cabanas at CocoCay. We had to walk a ways to get into the water at CocoCay whereas the water was right there in Labadee. The suite area is way more private in Labadee and the food was nicer. We saw plenty of fish at both locations so that wasn't an issue.
  8. @Belle Happy Birthday!!! Hope you are enjoying your day! Hope everyone else is having a great holiday weekend.
  9. @AndyB Great job on the loss!! Your end of the year holidays are almost EXACTLY like ours except my husbands birthday is Oct 6, Son's is Oct 30, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, cruise, Christmas, then my birthday (Dec 28). I would love to think I won't fall off the wagon but my husband doesn't support IF. If I wait to eat at my normal time then he will say that I am starving myself 🙄 But if I can being strict with my diet when hes not home then hopefully it will be a wash.
  10. Very nice poem today! The last 4 months are always crazy in my family. We have all the holidays and all of our birthdays plus this is our time to cruise. We love the cool weather...hopefully it will come soon! This week the scale FINALLY budged! I am down 2 pounds!!! I have been eating cleaner and back to intermittent fasting. I am doing 18:6. It worked for me before and seems to be working again. My husband will be home 3 days this weekend so I know my diet will suffer. I am hopeful that I can get in some exercise.
  11. Hope everyone is having a good Monday. This weekend my husband was home so we enjoyed time with him and even went to the park since it was semi cool and cloudy and played baseball and soccer with our son. It was great family time and GREAT exercise. My son is on a weird sleeping schedule. He even napped yesterday which is odd because he hasn't napped in about 3 years. He went to sleep last night around 730 and woke up at midnight and got sick. We have been up ever since. I am ready for a nap LOL Hopefully my weight doesn't go up too much since I have been snacking in order to stay awake.
  12. No problem! Glad I could help. Early port days are the best days to sit on the balcony and enjoy a nice plate of eggs benedict.
  13. We just booked our 10 year anniversary cruise on MSC in the Yacht Club and saved over $600 with my military discount! This will be the first time we cruise in June and our first time on MSC. I am so excited (and shocked!).
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