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  1. I realized I misspoke about two things. Yes it was with the pinnacles, etc. that we boarded right after. Not the handicap. Basically we were second group to board. Also, it was Ifly only that was smack in the middle of a port day. I overheard some other key guest trying to get them to change the time in guest services and they said no. Can you see how sucky the private times were?
  2. My review of the Key on Anthem of the Seas 4/6/19-4/13/19 Short review: Overall a fairly bad value for my particular family but possibly a moderate value for other families. Long review: Cost. I bought the key when it was 19.99 so it was roughly $560 for my family (2 adults, 11 yo, 8 yo). Embarkation process. We got their early (about 10) to get the most out of being on the ship so it was prior to regular embarkation so we did have to wait. We were loaded on right after the handicap people so that was fairly quick. However I have heard the process at Bayonne is good anyway and some other people that came a bit later said they walked right on anyway. Conclusion: Not a huge perk there. Embarkation lunch. We had lunch at Chops. It was fairly crowded and our waiter was not terribly friendly so my view is skewed a little by him. The food was pretty good but I asked if there were kids menus and he said no. The kids just ate the side of mac and cheese. Conclusion: meh – but mostly due to the particular waiter. Internet. I know this was a big part of the cost and we did use the internet. However I don’t usually get the internet because cruise ships are the last place I get to feel unplugged. That said, it was nice to have the internet, be able to check on my dog, text with my 11 yo on the ship, and chill out a little surfing the web before bed. The streaming was very buffer’y though. Conclusion: If you were already getting the internet for everyone, then the key becomes more valuable. Priority disembarkation at ports. Ok this was nice at Coco Cay. They had us meet in the Music Hall and took us off the ship first thing. If I didn’t have a beach bed already booked, we would have gotten the best seats anywhere we wanted due to being first. Didn’t get off in Port Canaveral so I don’t know how that went. No priority in Nassau. Conclusion: Good for what we used it for. Show reservations. We did have reservations for all three shows. For The Gift, we completely forgot about it so I have no clue. For Spectra’s Cabaret, I just walked in and sat down. Noone checked if I had reservations and I found a seat quickly so I did not sit in or know where the key area was. For We Will Rock You, we ended up going to an earlier performance (matinee) in the standby line and got in fine so we didn’t use our reservation. Conclusion: I think one of my main reasons for getting the key was for shows but ended up not using it. My fault. Private hours at rides. To me, this was the biggest fail and my one real complaint. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pic of the schedule but it pretty much sucked. If I can find the paper, I’ll upload it. There was not something every day. A couple of days had nothing. The times they gave us for Ifly and Northstar were port times. Conclusion: lousy. Disembarkation breakfast. Lovely. Conclusion: Thumbs Up. Disembarkation. Very very good. You go to the Shore Excursion desk and say you are ready to leave. They hold up a key sign and walk you by everyone, help you find your luggage, then escort you directly to Customs. Conclusion: If they wanted to charge me $50 just for that, I would pay it. So overall it had some good points and bad points. For the use we personally got out of it, not worth it for our family.
  3. Also, assuming they use the aluminum bottles, Coors Light is a screw top.
  4. I have this booked but am wondering if it’s worth the cost. I have done the tour on another cruise line and enjoyed it. Anyone have details or opinions on it? thanks.
  5. Does anyone have a pic of the key lunch menu for Jamie’s? I do not believe I have seen it on this thread yet. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the info. Do they actually weigh you before you get in or just ask your weight?
  7. Hi all i see that the weight limit is 250 pounds and I am under that but not by a real lot. I don’t want to embarrass myself by only hovering an inch off the floor. Anyone have any experience in the simulator close to the weight limit? I want to do it but not if I’m going to just be worried that I look funny. Thanks
  8. Can you book the escape room through the iq app?
  9. Thanks everyone for the replies. I think I willl keep the twins as one bed and not tell the kids they separate and just tell them they are sleeping together. There are lots of priveleges I can take away on the ship if they fight too much. The key in our family is to let them know beforehand so they can get used to the idea because an 11 year old girl who is in the beginning stages of puberty does NOT want her 8 year old brother sleeping with her. Thanks again.
  10. Hello We have a balcony room with a sofa bed for me, my spouse and our two kids. The two kids are eight and 11 as well as being a boy and a girl and are not going to want to sleep together on the sofa bed. I was thinking about splitting the other bed in the twins and giving it to them and us sleeping on the sofa bed. Any thoughts on whether that will be comfortable enough or should I force the kids on it? Thank you
  11. Hello we will be on Anthem of the Seas and my daughter is not excited about the kids club. She did the one on Carnival Horizon last year and thought it was boring. She is too young for the teenage lounge (yay) but feels too mature for the kids club. Do any you you have positive or negative experiences with this age group? thanks as always.
  12. Hello. We will be on the anthem of the seas in a few months and had a question on the rollerskating rink. Is it traditional rollerskates or in line or your choice? If it is only regular roller skates could we bring our own in-line skates if we wanted? Thank you
  13. Thank you all for your advice. It is helpful hearing other peoples perspectives and thinking of things I might not have thought of.
  14. Thank you for this. Going out of Jersey in April only to the Bahamas might be good to have more indoor stuff. Definitely something I hadn’t thought of.
  15. We are sailing in April so now I’m doing a lot of digging into the activities and I’m worried that there isn’t enough. That may sound stupid but.. it seems you only do ifly once. Same with north star. The big area switches between sports, trapeze, bumper cars, and roller skating so it is still just one thing. It looks like there are only 4 or 5 Xboxes for my kids. They are too young for the teen area but the upper ages of the kids club so they don’t think they will want to be there too much. There is no miniature golf and no ropes course. The carnival horizon we went on last year had tons of outdoor space and just various activities to keep you busy. This seems to be the one sporting place (including Xbox, ping pong, etc), flow rider, pool, and rock wall. Im not trying to complain (since I booked this) but can you help alleviate the idea that we are going to do everything in one day? Night time dinner and show is fine, it is mostly the days I’m concerned about. There were so many books and crannies on the Horizon to explore - I just can’t see them on the diagram of the Anthem. Thank you.
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