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  1. ColW55

    Live from the Orion - Sydney to Auckland - 2/10/19

    Hi Bill, We board the Orion in Hong Kong and sail through to Vancouver. I'll find Kateryna at the bar and ask her for a 'Bill Bailey' special in your honour.
  2. ColW55

    Live from the Orion - Sydney to Auckland - 2/10/19

    Hi Bill, The Tasmanian Sojourn is advertised in the current online advertising for the Australia & New Zealand cruise - looks great. Shame it wasn't available for your cruise.
  3. ColW55

    Live from the Orion - Sydney to Auckland - 2/10/19

    Hi Stretch, the beef in Tasmania is outstanding - grass fed and packed with flavour. Hopefully the ship will feature Cape Grimm or Robbins Island beef on the menu when you are in Hobart.
  4. ColW55

    Live from the Orion - Sydney to Auckland - 2/10/19

    Hi Bill, if you had a scallop pie on the ship when you were in Hobart if probably came from Smith's Pies in Hobart. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm disappointed the oysters you tried were not better. We ate dozens of oysters in Tasmania and found the ones at Bruny Island to be the best. They were shucked while customers waited and they were absolutely delicious and served both natural and cooked and with a variety of sauces. I looked at the excursions that Viking offered for Hobart and wonder how much they charged for the 'Tasmanian Sojourn' excursion as this would have been my pick from the excursions on offer.
  5. ColW55

    Live from the Orion - Sydney to Auckland - 2/10/19

    The fresh Tasmanian oysters are excellent, especially when paired with a chilled chardonnay or pinot. I'm not sure if you will find a scallop pie near the Orion's dock in Hobart and suggest you ask a few locals near the dock if there is bakery nearby that sells scallop pies.
  6. ColW55

    Live from the Orion - Sydney to Auckland - 2/10/19

    Hi Bill, I just found this thread. Try to sample a scallop pie when you are in Hobart as they are a culinary delicacy unique to Tasmania. It will be Friday tomorrow so Salamanca Markets won't be open (Smith's Pies are excellent). If you do the Richmond excursion the local Richmond Bakery does an excellent scallop pie.
  7. Here is the link direct to page 18 of the January 13 2019 roll call. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2440286-search-for-northern-lights-jan-13-2019/?page=18
  8. Found it by accident. Posts while cruising start at the end of page 14.
  9. We are also interested in reading these comments. Searched for the roll call without success. Has anyone found the comments?
  10. Many thanks everyone and I've followed the collective advice and joined the roll call and meet & mingle for our cruise. We have our flights and accommodation before and after the cruise booked and I'm pretty sure that Australians only need an ESTA for the US for the countries visited on the Far East & Alaska cruise. We are actively working through the excursions in MVJ and adding the ones we like to our wishlist. I'll keep following the roll call and see if other passengers do a shout-out for interest in spare spots on private tours. Many thanks again for all the suggestions. Colin and Michelle
  11. I posted as Parsley suggested and were added to the roll call - success! The cruise roll call is an interesting concept as it seems to be one very long disorganised discussion covering many topics. Not sure why there aren't different discussion threads in the roll call. We fly into Hong Kong on the 19th and have two days before our cruise commences. We have also booked 12 nights in Vancouver, Banff and Jasper at the end of the cruise. Flights and hotels are booked, just need to sort out the details for the actual cruise.
  12. I just read another post and discovered that we need to sign-up for the roll call for our cruise. Not sure what this means but I'll do it once I find it.
  13. Hi everyone. We have done three Viking river cruises and are booked on the Viking Orion ‘Far East to Alaska’ cruise in April 2019. This will be our first ocean cruise and I thought I was pretty comfortable with my preparation until I read a post from Pushka who is joining Orion’s return cruise from Vancouver in May. Pushka knew about tenders being used for embarking/disembarking in Vancouver and Puska has also booked a private scenic flight over Misty Fjords when her ship stops in Ketchikan. I’ve done the checks in ‘My Viking Journey’ but wonder what else are the experienced cruisers doing? We will be sailing into Canada so we don’t need an ETA. Pushka, do Australians need any visas other than an ESTA for the US? What else do I need to check and research? Should we be comparing private tour costs with the optional Viking excursions? Any recommendations for the Viking excursions or private tours in any of the ports? BTW the helicopter flight to the volcano crater in Kamchatka sounded great until I saw the US$2699 price per person for the 4.5hr excursion.