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  1. is it too early to reserve one with my towel 😂
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT6VCkXRFJg
  3. I was on msc opera in Havana in December just gone Opera can hold just under 2700 similar to scarlet lady and the port coped fine. We had some overnights in Havana and both on arrival and disembarkation there was no massive queue to get through checks they literally just look at passport and let you through. We also had Cuban cigars and wasn't asked for receipts or anything of the sort. Cuba will accept US dollars for payment you just get a rubbish rate
  4. on a 4 day cruise if they cant make port due to bad weather then they have no alternative at least on 7 day sailings and above theres chance to make other ports
  5. amazes me that they are taking passengers to the Caribbean during hurricane season madness
  6. will probably have extended sea trials and extended training for new crew as its first ship ever I imagine
  7. +1(954) 488 2955 is the number your secret code is basically your deposit reference number
  8. just spoke to them and cancelled had a full refund there is a transatlantic voyage stopping in new York but its press and the media only
  9. its all a bit of a mess imo I was so hyped for virgin cruises it appealed to me but 4 and 5 day cruises has killed it for me will turn into a booze cruise imo
  10. its a joke the number is a us number so European citizens like myself have got to be stung for call charges to make a booking. in this technological age why cant we book online!!!
  11. Basic deck layouts are out https://www.virginvoyages.com/ship
  12. prices don't include taxes and stuff though
  13. those prices LOL!!! refund requested....
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