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  1. I finished my vaca series. It's long and I imagine only my family is interested but I'm posting it here anyway. Here's all 9 days on my cruise in a playlist. Watch "Anthem Anniversary Vaca" on YouTube Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  2. I was just on the Anthem (our room was midship) and me and hubby were only booted off the internet once. It happened at the same time for us. We went to the VOOM desk, got a new code, and were back on very easily.
  3. Compassion is part of what brought us to the Artisan Village in the first place and we definitely are aware of the difference in countries between us and them. All the more reason to visit the village. We wanted to give back. We wanted to appreciate their art. And we understand why the aggressive sales tactics are used. For certain they are fighting to get your $ before the next stall does. I'm sure the desperation of their situation plays into that. They know we are tourists with cash to burn and they are hungry for it. I don't know the conversion rate but the $40 I spent there in no way negatively hurt my bank account but I'm sure could very positively improve their situation in ways I'm lucky enough not to understand simply because of where I was born. They point is, they could have gotten even more out of me if they didn't intimidate and overwhelm me. They are shooting themselves in the foot with their hard sale tactics and I wish they could see that. I wish Royal Caribbean would step in and teach them how tourists prefer to be interacted with. I just want to state, again, that the back stone path from Nellie's beach leads you somewhat behind the actually village. There is no main road there - just rows of stalls. And my clear "no" did not stop them from trying to coerce a purchase out of me and my husband. There was no "next person" to move on to in that area and we didn't know the way to leave. But as we were being passed from stall to stall we saw the road of the main market and hightailed it out of there without looking back. I have since read that if you stay on the main road of Artisan Village, they cannot pursue you. You can go in and out of the stalls as you please. That was not the case in the secluded area of the village that we ended up in. I'm not saying don't spend in Haiti, but I am saying - don't take that back path. Stay on the main, wide, concrete road that is populated with tourists, trams, and RCI employees.
  4. Name call me as "hypersenstitive" if you want but the smoke was so noticeable that in the beginning of my cruise I thought that someone was smoking out on their balcony around my floor. Later I discovered that glass box directly underneath my room, although 7 floors down, was the outside smokers lounge. I smelled it everyday - more in the early morning (like 7am) than any other time. Smokers getting their first of the morning fix I assume. All I said is I wouldn't recommend that particular room because I could smell the smoke. If you don't think you'll mind it - then by all means, take room 12678. Also, I definitely think anyone traveling with children would avoid a room where your family could breath in second hand smoke.
  5. Oh I forgot to tell everyone: I was room 12678 and I wouldn't recommend it simply because you're directly above the outdoor smokers lounge. The room is I think 7 floors above the lounge but i could still smell it from the balcony. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  6. Hope this works. This vlog was made for family members that couldn't go on our trip, not a vlog for likes. I'm gonna try and put together a video for each day of the cruise. Watch "2018 Anthem of The Seas Anniversary Vaca Day 1" on YouTube Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  7. I'll try to organize to criticisms. I don't have any serious ones really.. FOOD Overall the food was great. Even the windjammer; I really liked the stir fry station and the Indian choices. *But my husband feels the orange juice was watered down. Not a big complaint unless you really like OJ like my hubby does. We only have Norwegian to compare to and they didn't water down their OJ. THE ROOM Loved the room: comfy and lots of storage esp. for 2. *For the life of me I couldn't get the water temp in the shower right! I felt like as soon as I got a good temp I felt like it would change and I hadn't touched the knobs. *Also there's only 1 shelf inside the shower and for some reason my travel size doodads would keep falling through the slats and that got annoying quick. *Hubby thought the bathroom would benefit from a clothes line for wet clothes like Norwegian has. We dried alot of stuff on the balcony but I was nervous because I forgot those strong clips to keep the clothes from flying away. My soaked ATV sneakers took a week to dry completely - partly due to humidity. *Later in the cruise, about day 8, I felt like the bathroom drain slowed down a bit and a very slight smell to the bathroom. Nothing overwhelming enough to get serviced. *We had one moment right we were pulling into Bermuda where the TV starting acting up but turning it off and on did the trick. We did hear other people having TV issues too but not exactly as we did. The TV channels are awful anyway. Seventh Heaven and 80s music videos.... *No coffee machine in room. There is 24 hour (weak) coffee access in Cafe Promenade but it's nice to wake up, make coffee in your pj's, and sit out on the balcony without ever leaving your room, catching the elevator, interacting with people, etc. *Also felt Norwegian gave more, and More creative, towel animals. THE PEOPLE *I swear one couple tried to get it on in front of us and multiple other couples in the solarium pool. It was gross and uncomfortable. They tried it in 2 different pools before leaving. Just ugh. *Also, just people rude to the staff. ESPECIALLY in the wind jammer. For some of the guests, the staff couldn't work fast enough to fill their plates and the obvious groans and eye rolls were really sad to watch, esp. during a busy time where you could see on the servers face that they were trying their best . I saw nothing but hard working crew members during my vaca and it really hurts my heart to see these entitled people looking their nose down at the crew. This happened in the terminal while leaving as well. Taking snotty to the employees cause you're annoyed you have to wait on the same line We All Do. We're really blessed to be able to go on such a luxurious vacation and some people seemed so ungrateful. Or that they couldn't get out of their negative headspace, even on vacation. DRESS CODE *I think they're pretty loose with the code but we did see a guy with a sleeveless tank top in the MDR be asked to change into a regular shirt. This wasn't even a formal night. *We did dress for formal because we wanted to. I couldn't care less what others wore. Everyone should be comfortable on their vacation. GUEST SERVICES They sent us a note that changed the date of the All Access Tour. The date they changed it to caused a scheduling conflict for us so we went to guest services and they said they fixed it. The day of I noticed by checking on the TV that it was still incorrect. We almost didn't get that tour. *Double check their work. It was a GREAT tour by the way. *And they canceled the Galley Brunch with no notice to us. That was disappointing but we did see the galley in the All Access tour. Plus they did refund us for that. TIP *Don't go to the artisans village in Labadee unless you can handle a hard sale. And if you do go, bring change for a 20 caused they don't have it. Or even to give a tip to the umbrella chair guys. *The homeless in PR are bold about approaching you, even putting their arm around your shoulder and asking for money. *The underside of the ship railings are sticky but we were told its their thick strong cleaner. Still feels gross. VOOM The internet was great, better than Norwegian. *But we did have a period where we were kicked off. We visited the voom desk. They couldn't explain why but got us back on quickly. ***Overall I do think Norwegian had more to fill up a day. We found ourselves bored alot of afternoon's. But Royal has way more pools, which is a def bonus.*** The end! Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  8. Well I'm not on the Anthem anymore : ( We felt the rumble of the ship slowly pulling into port around 7. The elevators to go down were paaaaaaaaaacked. And when you finally get one it stops on Every Floor due to everyone trying to go down. I read of some people complaining about the elevators on Anthem before I went on my cruise. This is the only time on this ship we've had any elevator issues. Had our first and last breakfast at the Grande around 745. There was a line and they were sitting people together in tables of 6. Your wait was longer if you requested a table alone. Our waiting area was 270, which was also packed but found seating upstairs. Our time to be called was 845 but we didn't leave 270 till 920 due to "terminal congestion" and ship refueling. We were lead to customs (loooooong lines filled with grumpy people) where we declared our liquor verbally (no form to fill out) and they checked our passports. Then we were lead to find our bags. Half our bags were the wrong place but nearby and we found them. We were out with our bags by 10. We loved our cruise but I'll write later with some criticisms. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  9. Thank you Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  10. Absolutely not. Most of the stories here are of people who went into the market looking to buy and were put off by a beyond hard sale tactic where they're practically trying to trick you into buying something (Ex. Asking your name just to carve it into an item you had no interest in to force you to buy it). Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  11. We spent alot of today packing. We were supposed to go to the galley brunch but they canceled it and didn't let us know. Luckily I called this morning to check the time and that's how I found out. We had breakfast in the buffet and basically walked the ship soaking in the last day. Watching the flow rider, ifly, and circus in the sea plex. Sales all over the place. We did some last day souvenir shopping. You always forget about that one friend at work, etc. One last dip in the pool/jacuzzi. It wasn't as crowded as you might think. I forgot to mention but the outside pool screen shows something like "fail army" alot of the time. Kinda like America's Funniest Home Videos but worse LOL. I find it a weird choice. We had Johnny Rockets for lunch. Can't get enough of those onion rings. We watched a symphony concert in 270. You may think you're not a fan but then they play the star wars theme or the Jurassic park theme and you realize you are. We're had dinner at the MDR at 845. That's late for them. We were almost the last ones out but they didn't rush us. I had the ghost cheese tart and Indian option and it was delicious and spicy! I like spicy. Hubby had coconut shrimp (so so) and surf and turf (excellent ). I had the apple pie which was great besides the raisins. A scary thing happened at dinner. Hubby saw a very old woman slumped over and someone from crew administering a shot. I'm glad I couldn't watch but hubby did. Eventually the woman came around but just barely and they wheeled her out. I imagine it was an allergic reaction but they're good about asking you your allergies/food restrictions and taking note of it so I'm not sure how she would have eaten something she shouldn't have. We got our usb of pictures and watched the karaoke competition in 270. Right after that was their virtual firework show. Very cool for kids cause it's not super loud like the real ones. We received the liquor we bought and put our bags outside.*We never got declaration forms*This is the first time were not carrying off ourselves. I hope it's not a mess. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  12. I just left labadee (first visit there) and Me and hubby will never go back to that market. I do have Haitian friends, I know a bit about what the island has been through and I was happy to go and spend. We were at Nellies beach and there's a back stone path to the market. It's a secluded part of the market. I did come with a smile and cash looking to buy souvenirs but the pushiness and harassment of all the stalls close together all calling for their turn to sell me something became overwhelming very fast. One guy did slip a bracelet on my wrist and asked for money. Of course I didn't because I didn't even ask for it. They also did try to engrave my husband's name on something without his consent and he put a stop to that too I did buy a small painting I liked but once I bought that one thing it became kind of frenzied as everyone wanted a chance at my wallet. I barely got a chance to look. I could have bought more (and planned to) if I didn't feel so hounded. Plus was werent on the main path so it was really uncomfortable being surrounded like we were . So far I've only been to Bahamas, Bermuda, PR, and St. Martin. I've never experienced anything that extreme in those places. This is my first and kast time at the labadee open market. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  13. Day 9 - last full day Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  14. Day 8 We got the departure info. We're gonna leave the room at 845 on Saturday. We dunno if we want carry off or let the stewards take our bags the night before. We brought so much stuff with us and now we have souvenirs as well! Also got the tip envelopes. Leon was so friendly and we got our laundry back today, less than 24 hours. He's a good guy. This morning was the All Access Tour at 930. We didn't really get going till 10 because half the group, including us, didn't get the letter that said you have to sign a waiver, wear long pants, and closed toe shoes. So many people kept coming in the wrong clothes or needed to fill the paper work first and the tour guide waited for everyone.* The letter was actually in our room when we came back after the tour but not before. The tour was almost 2 hours long and very informative. I especially liked all the info about how eco friendly they try to be. They're getting rid of plastic straws soon. Also the kitchen tour was super cool and of course the bridge.* We skipped breakfast this morning so when the tour ended we went to Grande for lunch. I guess the lunch menu doesn't change so I had my same salad and truffle leek grilled cheese (which is good) and I had the chocolate fondue! Yum! Before we got on the cruise we read about the tables being close together and feeling like your dining with the table next to you. It's true, the tables Are so very close you can def hear and join in the convos next to you but we're usually at a window seat and keep to ourselves ... until today. The couple next to us were talkers. The husband talked so much (complaining) that he barely ate his food. I didn't find any of their issues serious enough to run a cruise. Everything was resolveable. Later this afternoon I developed a sore throat. I purell'd and washywashy'd so much but I may be coming down with something. I didn't have an appetite for dinner so we went to Brass and Bocks. Hubby had the soft pretzel sticks with mustard and the poutine. Both were good but there was very little gravy and cheese on the fries. He had the burger and really liked it, nothing like the flat windjammer patties. My appetite came back for dessert and we shared the apple beignet that comes with ice cream and nutella. SO GOOD. That dessert is real competition to Jaime Oliver's brownie as best desert. Tonight was the 2nd formal night but not as many people dressed up and there weren't as many photo op booths. We went to the*We will rock you show and it was really good! Really good singers. I think this show had more risque outfits and language than the Cabaret show. Nothing a teen couldn't handle I guess but I don't have kids. You be the judge. Then we went to Matt Yee's sing along. Very funny, not for kids. He warns parents and throws in quite a few sexual jokes. Thing is, he's in Schooners bar out in the open so if you pass by with your kids on the way to the theater they may hear a thing or two! We stayed there almost 2 hours! We got more towel animals. I think we got 4 these 8 days. They all look like puppies or elephant? Hubby finds the bed hard. I didn't the first half of the cruise but now I do. Not so bad that we cant sleep, cause we do. Just missing our own beds. I know we could ask for a mattress topper but it's so late in the cruise I'm not even gonna bother. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
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