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  1. Now the waiting game for us still booked on the 27th sailing..I anticipate changes to itinerary and possibly even embarkation port but don’t expect they’ll cancel.
  2. Glad to see a more targeted response to the concerns that at least attempts to address the issue of inconsistencies in the cancelling of Spirit but not the Jade. I’ll take this as NCL having made their decision to proceed with the sailings moving forward. The hardest part has been not knowing what the next action will be. Knowing that it’s going ahead I will accept that, try and park my worries and get into the positive mode of anticipating a great, safe and comfortable cruise for everyone. Please don’t let us down NCL.
  3. This really is absolutely ludicrous. My money is on NCL following suit but the damage they are doing by delaying this decision and not communicating with their passengers will be hard to come back from. Radio silence from NCL with every other cruise line making frank and fearless decisions in favour in their guests. NCL hoping we pull out and cancel before they do to avoid compensation arrangements maybe?!
  4. Surely NCL has the same intelligence on the current situation as Princess, RCI, Celebrity and Cunard. If each of them have cancelled sailing from Singapore this week how in the world could one company make a call to continue on? Why are they leaving it so late to announce what they are doing knowing that people are boarding flights each day and anxiety is peaking for all involved?! Come on NCL call it!!
  5. I have just heard that there are current discussions occurring at the NCL head office and a decision pending. Good news is that they appear to be 'considering' things. All we can do now is hope that a reasonable and logical outcome is reached. Given every other cruise-line has taken precautionary action I cannot see how NCL can continue to bed down against the majority and proceed, but we will have to wait and see. One way or another I expect some communication from NCL in the near future. Let's hope it isn't the usual statement without amendment!
  6. We are on the 27th Feb sailing so leave Australia on 22 Feb to head to Singapore. Still watching at this stage and will make our decision at last minute. Last year I was booked in the Mediterranean cruise with NCL that was cancelled 48 hours prior to sailing (I was already in Europe when they cancelled!). I would hate to travel again all the way to Singapore and have the same thing happen to me. Such a hard decision.
  7. It seems as though each time there is a media update about the escalating situation (eg doubling of confirmed cases on Diamond Princess, Cunard diverting their ship from Singapore to Australia) NCL respond by sending out their same duplicated communication script telling us nothing new?! I’m not sure what they are trying to achieve through this strategy? I’m legitimately confused by their approach?!
  8. Cancel for any reason insurance is something I’d never heard of until this thread started a few days ago. In Australia we have ‘medical Only’ or ‘full comprehensive’ travel insurance. I always pay extra to ensure I have “unlimited” cancellation within the policy but that simply means I’ll be reimbursed the entire amount I’ve invested rather than be capped at say $2000, $5000 ect. I just googled ‘cancel for any reason‘ travel insurance and it does appear that one insurer introduced it in Australia about 18 months ago so it looks like it may now be an option. I’ve definitely learnt something new
  9. The sad part is that I would never travel without full comprehensive travel insurance. I’m a stickler for that and fully subscribe to the sole responsibility of being covered for the slight chance something goes wrong. The problem here is there is no insurance company that I’m aware of that has epidemics covered in their policy. So even with the full comprehensive cover we have, we aren’t covered. This was unforeseen for everyone. NCL referring us back to our insurances knowing that, says a lot about how much they care. I understand they don’t “have to” care nor offer us a FCC (which is all we
  10. The NCL inconsistencies are completely baffling. Such a great response to all those booked on the Spirit cruises with what I would call very generous compensation and arrangements several weeks and months in advance of those sailings. No doubt all those passengers are grateful for the early heads up and the client centred response to the changes. Why or why then do they remain so recalcitrant and headstrong on the current Jade sailings and treating their guests who are extremely stressed about their health and well-being as though they simply don’t matter at all. Their current communi
  11. NCL, that approved media communication script is now becoming very condescending to your passengers who have genuine concerns about boarding the ship in the next few weeks in Asia. I’d suggest not replying at all instead of cut and pasting such an unhelpful and clearly disingenuous statement. It only serves to further embed the concerns that your passengers have that NCL are not listening to them and do not care about anything but the $$$ bottom line. Which by the way, I understand given you are a for-profit business, but be honest about why you are continuing to sail in these areas at this t
  12. Yes that’s how I see it as well! Very little (if any regard) for the passengers involved. What a shambles! I’m really nervous now about my upcoming sailing for 20 nights leaving on the 27th Feb! If we make it through without issue I think it’ll be through luck not good management.
  13. I’m now really confused with NCLs position on this. So if I understand correctly NCL and RCCL have just increased protective measures to prevent outbreaks on their ships?! These include denying travel to anyone who has visited or transited Hong Kong (amongst other places) in the last 15 days?! As a result some passengers currently onboard the Jade are being disembarked early tomorrow due to having recently transited through Hong Kong (where their cruise was initially sailing from before last minute changes). In addition the advice indicates that those people who have had contact (been within o
  14. So true. The best indicator of a companies true integrity is how they respond in a crisis. NCL have had ample opportunity to take a proactive and considered response to the current circumstances just like their competitors but instead we are now reliant on government intervention and the “rug being pulled directly out from underneath them” as our only hope for a sensible outcome. We saw this with the cancellation of Hong Kong port (NCL only responded to this out of necessity) unfortunately there’s no doubt this will be the only way they’ll shift on the next two Jade sailings as well. I’ve been
  15. NCL’s formal response as listed above has some significant flaws and therefore feels disingenuous! Cancelling cruises in Asia from April due to risks associated directly with the Coronavirus as outlined in their written advice to passengers yesterday, yet for some reason feeling as though the Jade sailings happening right now in the midst of the epidemic don’t hold the same risks or consideration. Knowing that the majority of people travelling will not be covered by their insurance policies which largely exclude epidemics in the event of illness or disruption to the current sailings and yet s
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