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  1. THe is thing is we leave from San Francisco so we don’t have a flight to catch so I am able to pack things I may not normally be able to
  2. I love the pool noodle idea I’ll get that one to bring with us thank u guys! I was thinking about that too about the couch being on the ground.. the pull out couches in hotels r much bigger beds than the couch cushions so he doesn’t roll on the floor but with it being such a smaller bed than he sleeps at home (the couch) I’m sure he’d roll so the noodle will definitely help!
  3. Hi hoping I am posting this on the correct area I apologize if I’m not.. we are sailing in May on the miracle, it’s our second time on this ship but last time o did not have a child. Our son is 10 months now and is already 32 inches tall he will be around 18-19 months at time of sailing. We are trying to figure out bed arrangements. Our travel agent suggested he sleep on the sofa bed because he sleeps with me at home and not in a crib (dad works nights so it’s just him and I in bed) so we don’t want all three of us in the bed (I know co sleeping is frowned upon and last cruise board I asked This question I was just bashed by everyone and no one answered my question so I hope at least one person here can get past the cosleeping because it’s not going to change lol) anyways my question about the sofa bed I hear it’s just the sofa they put the sheet on but I’m wondering is there a way we can move the mattress part to the ground? I guess it would be the couch cushion? Has any one tried this? Or any suggestions from moms besides pack and play? When we stay in hotels we always get a sofa bed (the pull out kind) and move that mattress to the ground and he sleeps on it so was hoping to do the same type of situation here. I know what I’m askong isn’t normal most kids will sleep on a crib and I’m sure most readers like the last board I posted on will say I need to stop having him on my bed or try to transition and i get that just hoping to get an answer about the sofa bed thanks
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