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  1. Hi, I'm really struggling getting straight answers to questions to tour operators for an overnight excursion from Alexandria to Cairo, and the number of suspicious reviews on Tripadvisor doesn't help with my quest. There's a recommendation to make sure tour operators are registered - have you all been checking this out? I have been trying to search on the Etaa-Egypt website list and can't even find Ramses/Ramassides which seems to be the most talked about (promoted?) operator on various fora, and Cairo Top Tours sent me registration info about a company with a different name saying they are 'shared' - but I can't find any evidence of that. Am I being overly cautious?
  2. Hi we're thinking of booking a Deck 3 oceanview cabin on the Apex for an Israel/Egypt cruise - thinking we'll save some £££ to put towards overnight trips in Israel and Egypt. Can anyone who has stayed in this type of cabin share their experience? The available ones at the minute are 3105, 3109 and 3106 - they aren't listed as having an obstructed view although are near the forward elevators. Would love to hear any experiences. Thanks!
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