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  1. Booked last week for 2023 into Discovery R731. Aft, Penthouse. No problems! The ones you are looking at must be booked already.
  2. If you book and the price drops, but no cabins in your class of cabin, they won't adjust anything. We usually receive OBC for one reason or another. I think now, since the cruise lines are struggling, it's probably impossible to get it on a new booking unless you snag it right when you first book. We use one of the Celebrity agents and he has been able to offer us OBC that we weren't aware of while looking at the web. But, those could be a thing of the past! Hope you have some success.
  3. Same here. We sailed in Aqua Class and enjoyed Blu. As for the cabin, thought it was small and not a fan of the Infinite Balcony. I just love walking out on a real balcony in the middle of the night and watching the stars on a clear night. Heck, I just love a real balcony!
  4. I think many of us have printed boarding passes only to have the cruise canceled! Use your own judgement about paying the balance. If it's not a hardship for you to invest, take a chance.
  5. I just read an article posted by NBC News, about the Covid19 vaccines. Who will get the vaccine and in what sequence? I had hoped that my number would come up in the 2nd or 3rd group. However, after reading, I worry how states will set the standards for sequencing. Also, logistics to accomplish any of this are sketchy at best. And, having to get 2 shots each, this is a nightmare! I don't see how any cruise can depend totally on a vaccine till all the details in scheduling can be worked out. I'd love to get the shots, but no idea how any of us will do this unless we are deemed "essential"!
  6. I guess we were lucky it all worked for us. I did read the rules and knew it would. Same ship class. Within 4 weeks of original date+a year. Same # of days. Same itinerary. But if all that isn’t possible they should be willing to do something. Just not fair. Not your fault. I would appeal it to a higher source if you can.
  7. We had that trip for Jan, 2021. Yesterday I rescheduled it for next year. The stress was getting to me over it all. Even if it does go the fact that the Covid 19 test would need to be obtained 5 days prior to sailing wasn't going to work. It's hard to schedule and we had planned to spend some days in Fla prior to sailing. For us, it was just too much. We have an Alaska trip planned near the end of the season. I'm hoping they have the details all working by then. Lift & Shift ends the end of Sept. If you plan to do this better check to see what is still available. Best of luck to you!
  8. We once had a party and our butler helped us deliver invitations. We enjoy the daily visits and insight on things going on, what to do, where, when. You can make special requests for your cabin. If you encounter anything you either don't understand or need help with, the butler is a great resource. I know they will pack/unpack for you but never done this. I'm sure there are a lot of other benefits but have to say that just the chatting and insights have been our favorites. The insider info can be priceless.
  9. Aqua! Love the smaller venue for meals! The food is wonderful. We have done both but only one time in Concierge. Just wasn't worth it to us. Enjoy which ever you choose!
  10. I did a L/S yesterday. I called in to do it and was really easy. The thing that bothered me on line was no place to request a specific cabin#. When I was chatting with the Celeb person, they said my same cabin was available (which I'd already looked at on line) and that is the one I have received. I'm happy! Our original cruise was for Jan! I don't want to be stressing over any of it, so the L/S was a good option. If you plan to do this program, it appears that it has to be done by 9/30/2020. We could still book a cruise for 2021 if we choose and things look better but now we are set for 2022. The stress was too much for us trying to travel this Jan. By the way, the criteria to do this....Same ship class. Within 4 weeks of current date. Same class cabin. Same length cruise. Same itinerary.
  11. Thanks so much! Hadn't stayed at that class and probably won't. We could justify a suite on a lot of lines but not Haven. It is always much pricier than a typical suite.
  12. Thank you 4774Papa! I love all the little insights! And, beyond the itinerary, it's all those little things that you remember about any cruise! The one thing we are loving about being in a suite on Celeb is the small dining experience. We just don't want to pay for the specialty restaurants or worry about booking times. We stop in the Retreat lounge for a drink and then dinner in Lunminae at the same times as others. It's so easy to get to know a wonderful group of people. But, having said all that, we agree that we don't like to keep doing the same itineraries. So we would have to give up some things. Prices for Haven are beyond what we are willing to pay. We were looking at a Penthouse on NCL. We have not been on RCL. Probably won't.
  13. We have enjoyed all 3 for different reasons. I do think that Celebrity is my favorite for service & food. After you cruise on one line for a while the itineraries seem stale. We have done a lot of the ones we really wanted to do on Celeb. My reason for looking at different lines to to expand the options. We always loved the entertainment on NCL. Actually, we have loved all 3. I guess since it's been so long to cruise NCL we wondered what changes might have taken place in the quality we remember from 8 years ago. I get the feeling that things are still good! There are a couple of dates for the cruise we have chosen and would be on Dawn.
  14. My thanks to you all. A lot of great advice and opinions. Much appreciated
  15. Thank you. Means a lot to have your comparisons. I had thought it would be like that. As we get older and more seasoned we like the little differences and luxuries! We love the private siding room and club lounge. Probably will just wait on Celebrity to post 2022.
  16. I hope you wonderful cruisers can help me figure out some things. We have been cruising on Celebrity & Princess in the past years. There is a cruise itinerary listed in 2022 that we really like. We would be looking at a Penthouse Aft suite. Could you tell me if you think NCL is a good choice? We would like to know how happy you are with food, drinks, tours.... The itinerary is mid May-early June. Are small children an issue? Also a little confused about what suite perks are included. I know there will be an area for breakfast & lunch. Do they have a private dining area for suites during evening meals or a private club area for drinks? We are Platinum and have read about those perks. Our thanks for your help!
  17. I think we will slow down and enjoy every moment! Watch for the small details and spend more time in our suite and on the balcony! All of the Covid distress has reenforced our outlook that life is precious, short and not a time for regrets for things not done. We always meet wonderful people and will continue to do that too. We both miss seeing smiling faces and learning about places, foods and history all over the world. We hope to see you soon!❤️
  18. It's past time to edit the topic. I wish to delete it. How do I accomplish this?
  19. I was scheduled to sail in Sept. Never paid for the entire trip since all was shut down prior to the final payment date. I had used a Celebrity credit card to pay for tours and the deposit. All of that has been refunded to my card in the past week. I didn't opt for the 125%, just repayment. I'm happy! The card usually issues a check back to me if funds are unused. Good luck to all and happy sailing someday! We are rebooked and can't wait!
  20. Not at all surprised since HAL has already announced the same date.
  21. Dec 15th, 2020 I wish they could do cruises to nowhere! I know they have to visit a foreign port. They could do that to meet that requirement and just and keep everyone on board! Sometimes we do choose to cruise and not get off the ship. We have been on over 40 cruises. Seen most of what we want to see. We just enjoy the ships and miss that tremendously. I know there is distancing, masks and temp checks. We would need to be agreeable to all that for safety.
  22. Thank you so much! We are in a suite also. I did try to call but it takes forever to get someone on the phone. Good to know you have done this and it worked well!
  23. Has anyone ever used the button (in the manage area of your reservation on the website) to move to another cabin??? Only changing cabin! A little bigger and better location. All else on the reservation stays the same. My question is, will all else that I have in perks stay the same? Will my reservation remain the same except for the cabin change???
  24. After I posted this we received a letter of common questions & answers from Celebrity. They really covered a lot of ground for things being asked on CC now. This was one of the responses about your question: Contact customer service 1800-760-0654 Choose option #3 I hope you received the email too. Lots of info.
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