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  1. The challenge is, that if they do nothing, and have zero controls, as soon as the first case hits a cruise ship, all cruising will be stopped again. Life is always a gamble, there are always challenges, and I agree that if people don't want to gamble then stay at home.. However, there is also a difference between gambling your house and savings versus gambling a few $$$'s worth. Going on a cruise, with zero control, and zero checks, is the same as walking across an interstate blindfolded, with all the cars lights being switched off at midnight. At least if there is t
  2. Testing has advanced in the last 4 weeks, and the projection is that there will be a "pregnancy" type test available for "If you have it", in exactly the same way as the current test they have for "if you have had it". Emirates are trialling testing before you get on a plane, with an answer in 20 minutes. Not forgetting of course, 8 weeks ago there wasn't a true test, now there is. In another 8 weeks, the tests will be 99.99% accurate.
  3. Has anyone heard about any Cruise line, especially Royal, re the controls they are looking at putting in place when they start cruising again.? I'm a seasoned cruiser, but surely, if their plan is to control entry to the ships via the stupid questionnaire sheet of "have you had coronavirus in the last 14 days" type approach, surely this will enable the virus to spread again like wildfire on a cruise ship. Surely they are putting plans in place to test everyone before getting on the ship, and then testing when people come back on at ports.....even to the point of testing everyone, eve
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