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  1. Happy to report that our refund is complete.
  2. We were to be on the Splendor with you. Our cancellation calendar looks just like yours. Our TA notified us yesterday that Regent has made the refund. My credit card bank isn’t showing it yet, but hopefully today or tomorrow. Pat
  3. So glad to see you making the best of it. It brought a smile to my face. I so wish we could have met on the Splendor on April 1. The night before, I put my head on my pillow and whispered that we were supposed to be at the Mandarin in Miami. 😢
  4. Once again I’ve been reminded that it’s the simple things that help to make my life interesting. Our first Regent cruise was a few years ago on Explorer. At a table of six people from around the globe, it didn’t take us long to realize that we all enjoyed reading a good mystery. We spent a long time discussing the pros and cons of different authors, what good books to read next, etc. I came away with a list that I spent many hours working my way through. I was hoping to have more of these enjoyable moments on Splendor on April 1. Alas, I will have to wait until next time.
  5. I have been reading your posts for a while now . So glad to see that you were able to get flights home. Safe travels. Pat
  6. My question is, do Mr. and Mrs.Geezer even have to show up at the pier since this might involve a flight?
  7. Having a husband who is 72 and has cancer, If his doctor won’t sign that form, what happens then?
  8. Recognizing Rodney Dangerfield’s humor, what I was suggesting was if any cruise line required a signed doctor’s note and that person got sick, would it not be possible then for the cruise line to say that it wasn’t their fault. After all, they have a signed note allowing the person to board. Falling into the affected age bracket, I’m concerned that someone might read this as age discrimination.
  9. What would the repercussions be if Dr. Boombah signed your note and you got sick? Would a cruise line point the finger at them?
  10. The Splendor arrives in Miami on the 30th but doesn’t start the Caribbean cruise until April 1. Maybe they had another short “get acquainted” cruise for TA’s?
  11. Still curious about what is being offered to people sailing before April 3.
  12. The news from around the world Is truly devastating. So many are affected by this terrible virus. Small islands have closed their ports to ships in order to protect their populations so not only is the cruise line impacted but all who work on the ships and all who rely on tourism and the money it brings in. I wouldn’t want to be one of the ones responsible for making decisions right now. . . Where do we go and who can we bring with us. If people visiting China were released from their cruise contracts and asked not to board the ships, what will be done with the folks from Italy. I read abo
  13. Thank you so much. I’ve so enjoyed this. Looking forward to April. Safe travels. Pat
  14. If you use the pre-cruise hotel but decide not to use the provided bus, do you have to notify anyone so that the bus doesn’t wait for you?
  15. Glad to hear TC that you’re going to keep that ship healthy. We get on when you get off.😊 Pat
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