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  1. We always order from Bon Voyage. Then order juice from room service. But thanks for the info about being able to order online now. On our New Years cruise this year, we still called it in.
  2. This was a very inspiring and inspirational post. You and your husband are indeed living life to the fullest. I needed daily blood tests while cruising in Europe on the Breeze last summer, and found the Special Needs Department to be extremely cooperative. But the amount of time, effort, and information you put into your post deserves accolades! :D Thanks again!
  3. We have flown in the day of our cruise twice. Once we made the ship with time to spare. The other time we "missed the boat" entirely because of air delays, and had to catch up with it two days later at the second port. Thank goodness for Travel Insurance.
  4. We have cruised out of Barcelona the past two years--once on the Magic and once on the Breeze. The first year we attempted to fly in the day of the cruise. (Not smart, we know. We learned our lesson the hard way.) Unfortunately, our flight was delayed by a hurricane, and flights were backed up. Our flight was then cancelled, and so we flew in a day late, found a hotel in Florence, took the train to Citavecchia the third day, a taxi from the train station to the port, and then met the Magic two days late...not fun, but an adventure nonetheless. We did stay over in Barcelona after the cruise. Last year, we flew in a day early, relaxed at the hotel, and boarded the Breeze for a wonderful cruise. The hotels we utilized were the Fira Palace and the Hotel Continental, both fine, but preferred the latter one. We just took a taxi to the port on the second trip. We did enjoy both ships and both cruises, (after we finally were aboard the Magic on the first one.)
  5. We were on the Pride over New Year's. There is indeed a door separating the changing area from the rest of the cabin. The balcony was larger. We requested a lounger, and there was plenty of room for it out there along with the chairs. We enjoyed all of the spacious storage areas and the spa tub and dual sinks. In fact we are very spoiled now! You will enjoy your Ocean Suite.
  6. We are a couple and have been seated with strangers on the last three cruises we scheduled. By the second dinner seating, we were no longer strangers. We never became best friends, exchanged email addresses, or facebooked each other. But we certainly enjoyed the conversations we had discussing our experiences of the day over prime rib and creme brulee. But this is a personal decision. Good luck, and have a great cruise.
  7. I actually saw that commercial during a break on the endless CNN news coverage of the arrival of the Triumph in to Mobile! I thought I was watching "Saturday Night Live" there for a minute...;)
  8. We just received our email from Cahill at 9:13 PM.
  9. We sailed the Pride over New Year's and loved the ship. We did opt for an Ocean Suite this time and enjoyed the extra room. Our next favorite ship was the Magic where we had the L-shaped room with extra space on the balcony. You will have fun. Bon Voyage.
  10. We totally enjoyed our Ocean Suite on the Pride over the New Year Holiday. I liked the whirlpool tub and extra closet space. Also the dressing area was very nice, as was the extra sink. And the larger balcony accommodated 3 chairs, a table, and a lounger. I think I am spoiled now. However, there were just the two of us-- DH and myself..didn't do it for the perks, but just for the extra space.
  11. We enjoyed sailing along with you and the other New Year's Cruisers this year on the Pride. We had an Ocean Suite and enjoyed having the extras, (although few!), that come along with that. The extra space was enough for us, and the whirlpool tub in the bathroom was greatly appreciated. (The engineer had to come and repair it the first day however since it was not "whirling" at all. Took him about twenty minutes, and then all was well.) The free champagne upon boarding was a nice touch. Dinner in the MDR was very pleasant as we really enjoyed the tablemates they had matched us with. The food was all right, but several times little things were forgotten and sometimes the food was only warm but no real deal breakers there for us. If you come home hungry from a cruise, shame on you. We toured the Kennedy Space Center and being Space Geeks from way back were very impressed. In Nassau, we went to Atlantis, checked out the grounds and the aquarium, and then spent some time at Senor Frog's--always fun people watching there. We really liked the Tall Ship Adventure on Freeport. We attended several shows in the Taj Mahal, typical cruise stuff, but Legends is always a great deal of fun. NYE in the Atrium was great--we looked down on the hard core revelers from the second balcony. Someday we hope to have the aft wrap on any ship. Balcony time is the best! We enjoyed Kirk and his sidekick, Gumbie. Thank you for your review.
  12. Hi-- I was the one who posted pix of 6493 Magic on cruise line rooms dot com. We really enjoyed the room, although because of the layout, we only had a small table and one chair--no sofa. But we really did not miss one. We loved waking up in the AM and being able to "see the sea" while still in bed through those huge windows. And we did make plenty of good use of the bigger balcony. That being said, we are a little older, (mid sixties), and like spending probably a bit more time in the room and on the balcony. But we would get that cabin again in a heartbeat. We had an Aft Balcony on the Breeze this summer, and loved the balcony, but the room was made for midgets--no extra table and what seemed like only an extra dining room chair, and little room to even walk around the bed. Hey, to each their own! Just offering up my opinion. Now we are off to the Pride in a few minutes and our first suite! Stay tuned...haha Happy New Year.
  13. Yes, it is good for us sailing on the Pride NYE cruise, and we are very relieved. However, we do hope that eventually things get settled for real for everyone involved.
  14. And we leave Sunday, 12/30/12, from the Port of Baltimore, on the Pride. Talked to our PVP two nights ago and he said, "Not to worry." But we are indeed worried. Nothing is ever easy...
  15. We were entertained at our table by a magician on the Breeze this summer in Europe.
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