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  1. MikeBTN

    Baths - snorkel rental?

    Have been to the baths before but don’t remember seeing a shack for snorkel rental. Does this exist, or is it BYO?
  2. MikeBTN

    Bliss Haven Sauna?

    Does the Bliss Haven have it's own sauna like the other ships, or will we need to purchase the Thermal Spa for access?
  3. MikeBTN

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    No one except NCL and the third-party company that handles the upgrades. I can tell you from personal experience - Getaway on 7/3/2018 - that we had pre-purchased spa passes and one our bid to a Haven Spa and were able to cancel our purchased spa passes prior to sailing.
  4. MikeBTN

    Chance of Upgrade at Port?

    With the bidding upgrade process, I’d give you a 0.000000001% chance.
  5. MikeBTN

    TA on Epic - Port Canaveral / Barcelona

    There will be plenty of mid-30s to early-60s that still like to have fun, so it will be a lively cruise. They are typically not full and very few kids, so that’s a bonus. However, yes, the average age does skew quite a bit older than your typical 7-night Caribbean sailing.
  6. Yep, pretty dumb. The location of the spa MS is right down the hall from the spa, and I believe there are supposed to be upgraded bath amenities, but it makes no sense to me. I would just buy the spa passes separately. One note, the MX comes with no “perks”, and the spa mini comes with the choice of two, which does account for some of the price difference. However, just about every time I compare an MB or MA to the spa MS, it’s far more than the $199 per person.
  7. MikeBTN


    The first NCL ship calling on Tortola is the 10/14-10/21 Getaway. I’m on that sailing. Happy to report back
  8. MikeBTN

    Sailaway vs. GTY

    1. Yes. The cruise line assigns you a cabin. 2. Sailaway is a guarantee with no “perks” available for selection (beverage package, dining package, etc). This is the lowest price available in the category (inside, ocean view, balcony, etc). GTY does have the perks available for selection and guarantees you AT LEAST a room in that meta-category (BA, BB, BC, etc).
  9. MikeBTN

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    For the Getaway this has been my experience twice and what I’ve seen posted here. Other ships may vary. Bliss seem to be doing bids very early (like 30 days out).
  10. MikeBTN

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    If it’s a Haven room, those are given out the Tuesday before sailing. We’re on that sailing with you in a 2 BR suite.
  11. MikeBTN

    Getaway Haven forward facing suite

    There is a door. See about 35 seconds into this video: No second bathroom. Aft suite and 2 BR suite offer the second bath.
  12. MikeBTN

    Is My TA lazy or wrong?

    Your travel agent is correct and you are incorrect, and honestly you kind of come off as an entitled jerk here. OCCASIONALLY they WILL give a partial credit if you booked the cruise and the price drops within 24 hours, but not always. Once final payment has passed, you are entitled to nothing. If you're unhappy with your TA, move on. If you're happy, stick with him. But if you have a concern address it with your TA, not passive-aggressively here on an anonymous forum.
  13. MikeBTN

    What's the best ship for a group of guys?

    I'd pick Escape over Getaway. Epic would be my second choice.
  14. MikeBTN

    Getaway Haven sundeck to Haven?

    Yes, there is a door. It is unlocked from the Haven to Vibe but locked if trying to go from Vibe to the Haven. We used this door back in July.