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  1. Update: my wife and I have received our 100% FCC, but not our additional 50% FCC.......
  2. logged into my wife’s NCL account and she has $1.758.06, $500 more than I do. The number still doesn’t make sense when I do 150% of what was paid, with or without the admin fee, but it is close-ish. I did use 2 $250 FCC certificates when I booked, maybe that’s the reason for the difference? The two original FCC certificates have not been refunded yet.
  3. I was set to sail 3/15 on Encore with a comp balcony. Guests 1 and 2 were $623.06 each (includes admin fee, beverage & dining service charges, taxes & port fees, and pre-paid DSC). Guests 3 and 4 were 731.86 each for a total of $2,709.84 (an average of 677.46 per person), In addition I won a Haven upgrade bid in the amount of $2,270.00 total (technically $1,135 each for guests 1 and 2, $0 for guests 3 and 4). Total paid was $4,979.84, or $1,244.96 total. As of today, my NCL account is shows an FCC titled “your 100% Future Cruise Credit” in the amount of $1,258
  4. I was due to sail 3/15......still waiting. I also used 2 FCC deposits plus won a Haven bid.
  5. Every post I’ve seen from CAS members say they’re still waiting. I am too......my in-laws on the same sailing who were not booked through CAS have received theirs. I’m ready to book the next one......
  6. I also was booked with CAS and have yet to receive anything as of this afternoon. I also would like to rebook as I can do the Haven for what our FCC is now (we won an Upgrade bid to the Haven, so that extra 50% will be nice). My in-laws were on the same sailing, were not booked through CAS, and received their email Monday like most everyone everyone else. I assume you are still waiting as well?
  7. It MAY be able to be used for service charges on dining & beverage packages, but will most definitely not be able to be used on excursions, DSC, etc. Also there is no guidance on whether the 125% or 150% will be on just the base cruise fare or will include beverage & dining service charges, upgrade advantage winning bids, etc. But it will almost definitely not include prepaid gratuity, excursions, etc. Those will just be refunded to your original form of payment.
  8. You agreed to the 100% FCC when you cancelled. That’s what you’re going to get, unfortunately.
  9. We were scheduled to be on the NCL Encore Sunday. Already in Miami and considering just hopping on the Horizon 6-nighter. Are we crazy?? lol The cheapest beach-front place I can find near Miami would be $2k for the week vs $1,900 for the 4 of us in a balcony (or connecting insides, if we wanted more room).
  10. Its not. That’s why I don’t understand these half measures. Either quarantine everyone for a few weeks, or don’t. All these government officials are doing is making everyone panic. It’s not productive.
  11. Since final payment is not yet due, you would receive a full refund just like any other time.
  12. The SEC Commissioner is here in Nashville for what was supposed to be the SEC Basketball tournament. They cancelled that this morning. He was on TV and made that announcement, I happened to have it on at the time.
  13. The SEC just cancelled all sports through at least March 30. I expect others to do the same.
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