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  1. Yes, as long as it is not a Sail Away cabin rate.
  2. I was recently on the Jade for 12 nights. Perhaps this was an odd cruise, but neither the tournament nor the live poker game had more than 3 or 4 people arrive. Everything on board is in USD and they take cash or charge to your room.
  3. Yes, there may be people talking, sometimes loudly because the water features of the therapy pool are loud. They almost always will be talking amongst themselves and not interacting with strangers, so IMO the spa would be perfect for you.
  4. I like having the cruise line do it. Yes, it’s cheaper if you bring your own. But opening the cabin door for the first time with everything hung and a cool cake will be more than worth the $$$.
  5. Immediately upon winning. Many reports are that the card was charged minutes to hours before an email notification arrived.
  6. I assume he’s in a wheel chair, but if not, the aft rooms are a LOOOONNGGGGG walk to the elevator. That being said, I also would choose 11 for the exact same reason as above - both being below the buffet and the noise at night from Spice H2O would stop me from booking 15.
  7. Yes you can do that but, as mentioned above, make sure you don’t have a cancellation penalty. I’d also make sure the price hasn’t substantially increased. Also if you wait for the refund (2-7 business days, depending on your bank), it’s possible someone snatches your room out from under you.
  8. Because some people would rather be warm inside?
  9. Bliss is built specifically for Alaska and has amazing indoor spaces designed to take maximize the amazing views. For most, it’s Bliss hands down.
  10. Sometimes a quick Google search can give you way more information than posting here. To answer your original question, there is no adults only pool with its own adults only sundeck on Breakaway. There is an adult pool on the main pool deck, though you will probably see kids and teens in it, but the loungers nearby are all ages There is an adults only sun deck with bar in the far aft, Spice H2O, but there is no pool. There are hot tubs and a water feature. Vibe is an adults-only sundeck limited to about 70 passengers. It is current $209/pp, I believe. It has its own bar and there is at least one lounger for each paid guest, so no need to worry about chair hogging.
  11. Neither. Upgrade to the Haven for a few more bucks 😉
  12. You can use non-refundable OBC for anything except gratuities, so I can’t see a problem using it to upgrade.
  13. Anyone know if the Chimay bottles in District Brewhouse are included?
  14. Unfortunately the land-based side of NCL and actual operations on the ship aren’t always in agreement. You’ll find what they say on the ship goes, regardless of your complaints, email print outs, etc. As to Louis XIII, it is classified as an “experience” (just like the liquor/wine tastings) and qualifies for 40% off.
  15. Awesome, that’s what I thought. Thank you!!
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