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  1. Are you all being notified of these cancellations by email? This will be my 3rd cruise cancelled and each time I find out through you all and not once by email. Arrgh. Getting frustrated...
  2. Yes, but I would wait till closer to your due date. I called 2 days before my final payment was due for my October cruise. The Carnival rep asked why I needed an extension and I was honest and responded that I am worried about my cruise being cancelled and don't want my money tied up. She gave me a 30 extension. I plan to call again next week and ask for another extension.
  3. My cruise is October 2nd and I feel that I am in a worse position than those that just had their cruise cancelled. I purposely choose October because I didn't want to be on one of the first cruises after the restart. I wish they would have given me the option of cancelling. Final payment is due in a couple of weeks. Ugh..
  4. Same, leaving on Oct 3rd. I picked early October because I didn't want to be on one of the first cruises out. Now it looks like we will be.
  5. I'll be cruising solo for the first time in January. I do hope to have a cruise romance. I don't want to just stand at the bar looking easy. Would be nice if there was some cruise equivalent to Tinder. How do you find other singles?
  6. Check out the Hot streak casino offer. Yesterday I booked a 4 day cruise out of New Orleans on Jan 21st. Traveling solo in an interior. Only $402 with a $500 onboard credit and free drinks in casino.
  7. Johnin DC - I'm flying into Miami. Thanks for the info. I'll check out the Hollywood area and sunny.org also.
  8. Hi, Looking for an affordable hotel ($150 range) as close to the beach as I can get for any October 2nd overnight stay. Any recommendations? I realize that I might have to stay farther from the port. The most important thing to me is to be able to drop of my bags and run to the beach. I did find The Lorriane for a good price. Anyone know anything about this hotel?
  9. Thank you all for all the advice and not being mean. You talked some sense into me. I still want to cruise so badly but I will wait till later in the year.
  10. I just came across a great deal for the Panoroma sailing on June 27th. This is an amazing deal that I would normally never be able to afford. I am not worried about safety, just if the cruise will be canceled. Carnival says the deal will expire tomorrow. Am I crazy to book this cruise? Any psychics out there?
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