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  1. Yes! It was 1,500 more next yr! I always keep an eye on prices and call when they go down.
  2. Kept holding out for our Mediterranean cruise August 9th. Dh said he didn't feel comfortable even IF it's not canceled. So went from the Allure which we've been on before, to the Harmony which we haven't. I'm sad we're all having to cancel, but we have something to look forward to next year! I think many are doing the L&S. I didn't get the area/cabin we like. Was lucky to find a decent one though. Only a couple left in our category. Will keep an eye out for cancelations and snatch up another cabin we like better. If not, that's ok. I feel blessed to even be able to cruise. I need to count my blessings more!
  3. Didn't think of that! Need to see the price difference. This is complicated. Still have to figure out the air/hotel. Probably just figure that out once it does cancel. thanks!
  4. Was wondering the possibility if we can change the category with a L&S? All the bookings I'm looking at have only a few cabins left in my category and they're connecting which I don't want. I'm very particular of our locations and currently have a great spot in Cat 4d. The ones I'm looking at are 2d. Can we pay the difference to "upgrade" our category? I'm coming to the realization that our cruise for Aug 9th out of Spain isn't going to happen : ( Thanks!
  5. Agree! We need an update of your cruise [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. August on the Allure. Not canceling as of now. A day at a time... Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. We have a cruise on the Allure booked in August. Every time I see the price drop, I call our agent who then calls Royal. Each time they adjust it. Just called yesterday. Wasn’t on hold long at all. May end up being canceled, but in case it’s not, want the lowest possible price. Now to decide to wait it out or cancel before final payment due. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Where do we confirm this? We’re scheduled to sail August 9th out of Barcelona. So they think all Med cruises will be canceled? Wish we knew this for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. We have one booked for August. Actually a few weeks back, it dropped quite a bit. Since then, has gone up a bit. I looked this am and looks like many canceled. This far out, no way am I canceling. Hopefully this will be under control in a few months, and start getting back to normal! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Just checked on ours in August...Mediterranean cruise. Went down 300.00 along with a 50.00 obc. Can't say who we went thru, but of all our years of cruising, first time we used them. Great deal cuz you also get a nice gc from their box store to use it. Mine is about 175.00 Plus using their cc, you get 3% back...good deal!
  11. How easy is it to grab a taxi from the airport and more importantly, from the cruise port? I’m used to cruising in the Caribbean, and taxis are all lined up to go
  12. Having been to Maui 12 times, yes, rent a car and enjoy this beautiful place on your own!! So much to see! I would for sure go on the other side, depending on where u dock. We’ve never cruised there, as we spend 2 weeks each yr. assuming you’ll dock by the airport. Lahaina, Ka’anapali, Kapalua..... all that area and drive is so nice with a wonderful beach in Ka’anapali. Feel free to ask about places to visit or ?
  13. 287 😢 ...The Allure... love that class! But it’s the Mediterranean this time!! Will be worth the wait... I keep telling myself to make myself feel better
  14. Not til next summer. Thanks for the heads up tho!
  15. I didn’t know he had one to cover different ports! Have to ck that out. Thx!!
  16. Thank you for all your tips! Are u going on this sailing? i like Rick steves books, but we have many ports on this cruise. I’ll do my research as I do with all of our cruises. I’m glad I added a few days to check Barcelona out prior to. It’s a long flight for just a weeks cruise. we just returned recently from Ireland. Wonderful place to visit if u haven’t been! Need to return!! Have a good weekend
  17. Thank you for this info! I think we’ll book that hotel. Staying in Barcelona 3 days prior to cruise. do u live there, or a fellow cruiser? We haven’t looked at what to do in each port yet as we have a lot going on right now. Any must visit if u live there?
  18. If you’re going to on Ka’anapali beach, many snorkel around black rock in front of the Sheraton. Be careful tho. I think farther out around the rock is a current out past the rock. It’s a popular place to snorkel
  19. The beach is public, but each hotel has their. Hairs and umbrellas for the people that are staying at that resort. U can park it anywhere tho. Just don’t sit in chairs.
  20. We started out cruising with Carnival only in 1989. I think about 5 cruises with Carnival alone. We've done Disney, NCL (our least fav) Princess and Royal. Once we cruised with Royal, we never went back to Carnival. I personally wouldn't go on Vision if I were trying out a new line. It's an older ship. Royal has so many in their fleet. We prefer the mega ships as there's soooo much to do and actually feel like there's less people since there are so many places to spread out. Everyone is different tho. Some prefer the smaller ships. Royal is a step up from Carnival. Royal is classy but fun. I would look at the different ships, videos of what they have to offer, and the layouts of them. Our favorite is the Oasis class. There entertainment is better than the smaller ships of Royal. So many choices of eateries as well. Much info you'll find already on here, but just wanted to put my two cents in. Happy cruising!
  21. Wow! I’ve never seen huge waves there. This is the beach we always stay on when we visit. Hubby always surfs here, but they’re small. I wouldn’t worry at all. Maybe if there’s a storm out there, any place maybe a little rougher. If u want a beach day, this is the place cuz u can ship, swim, see penguins, have the best shave ice, ... If u want to get a yummy dessert, get a hula pie at the hula grill right there on the beach! Plus this is pretty close to Lahaina.
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